just broght a new Exmark


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I just purchased a new 48in exmark lazer HP with a 19hp kaw engine 2000 model for 6300 dollars did I pay to much, are did I get a fair price.cmon lazer you talked me in to it . Let me know how I did.


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lazer jus got somw new z masters! by the way lazer, how do you like them? i dont want to get off of mine at the end of the day..i didnt no a mower could cut so nice!


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I never bought a HP, so I don't know exactly how you did on price. At any rate, you'll like the machine.<p>When it's mid-May and the grass is growing 1&quot; per day, you won't care how much you paid, you'll just want a machine that'll get the job done.<p>Anyway, I haven't let my guys use the Z-Masters yet. We're still doing spring clean-ups and we have like 3 extra mowers for back-ups, etc. I told my guys if the do nice work and are productive, they'll load up the Z's, otherwise they'll use the older machines.

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