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    Hey guys just want to be sure of my numbers. Im spraying stonewall at .5lb per a so its .185 oz per k. Its 10 lbs per package @ $197.36. So @ .185oz per k I get 86k(86.4) per 1 lb and 1346k per 10lb and @ $197.36 per 10 lb my cost per k is $.15(.14662) I love these numbers but they sound low. Any thoughts help did I go wrong or do I just think I should be paying more?:confused:
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    Actually I get around 9.50 per acre and 22 cents per thousand. HOWEVER, what is the prodiamine percent active ingredient in your formulation? It is probably about 50 percent active ingredient--so that doubles the cost. Don't forget to add the sales tax to your cost.

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