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just courious

Mark B

LawnSite Bronze Member
I had a small but real short talk with the guys at the local JDL. It seems to me that they are starting to cater to the bigger companies. I was wondering out of all the guys on the board who is on the JDL partners program? I'min the low 20's in parts. Most of that goes to hughes supply. When I left the more I thought about the madder I got. I would like to know if it worth it. Thanks


LawnSite Member
I stopped and talked to our local JDL dealer last winter and was shocked at the prices they charged. Their prices were way out of line to the high side compared to a smaller local supply house I've bought from for the past 15 years. They can have all the "Perk Dollars" they will give you for buying such and such amount of heads and valves,etc.!! I just want quality products at a good price out the door. Lastly I don't need a trip to Hawaii, I what to make a fair profit on every job installed and know at the end what my costs were!
Mark B

Mark B

LawnSite Bronze Member
In my case there customer service sucks!! I have been using hughes supply and at the end od the year I get a credit to my account based on the amount of money I spent with them.


LawnSite Senior Member
Madison, WI
2003 was my first year in the Partners Program and I just missed the $25000 minimum. My local branch said I could stay in it for 2004. I don't think the regular contractor prices are high and many of the prices in the Partners Program are really low. I deal with the Grand Rapids, MI branch and thier sales people are pretty good. JDL's free delivery is a big plus.

Ground Master

LawnSite Senior Member
colorado springs
We don't have JDL here.

However, I do remember one promo that was going on at the local supplier where you got ONE ticket for a local car race for every 5000 you spent(or something like that)! BIG FRIGGIN' DEAL!!!!!!!!!! Personally, its all a game. They aren't giving you anything, its all factored in as a cost to them thats past onto US!

I for one prefer low price, good service and the occassional friday afternoon b-b-que!


LawnSite Fanatic
GM - I know which supplier your talking about. Most of their promos are very lame. And I agree, i want the best price when I walk out the door. Rainbird and Hunter have their own points programs where you can earn merchandise for the amount you spend.

I like the little things the suppliers occasionally provide - tickets to major and minor league baseball (one supplier here gets season tix to local AAA baseball team and has them hanging up for whoever wants them), referrals for jobs, freebies on new products, salesperson taking you to lunch.

I split up my purchases primarily between 2 suppliers. Occassionally from one other on the other end of town. Since I only service and repair I don't buy the large quantity of parts that full install companies do. This does affect my price so I make sure to shop around. A few pennies is no big deal, but if the same rotor or valve is one to two bucks cheaper then yes I will base my purchase on price.