Just curious - Lawnmower racing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tip184, May 13, 2003.

  1. tip184

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    As I write this the Discovery Channel is doing a show about lawnmower racing. Anybody on LawnSite either race or sponsor a racer? I realize that the racing mowers are tractors, not ZTRs, but it seems like a natural for LCOs. (Or is it the last thing you want to do in your free time?)

    (just a curious homeowner)
  2. We/ well they race every day........See how fast they can cut a lawn without any damage, and it looking great.

    Makes the days go by faster.

    Also the tractors are/ well were lawn mowers at one time.

    And Monster Garage had a show on making a Mustang convertable into a lawm mower.
  3. Runner

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    There are some people that live near us that race. I was always wanting to talk to them, and see just how these things are outfitted. Here's a site for you. www.letsmow.com .
  4. snowplowjay

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    a year or so ago i was watching some channel and the hosts were showing Nascars Tony Stewarts Father and his tractor. Some of those tractors have some serious Cohones.

  5. lawncare3

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    I watched that show it was great.
  6. ffemt1271

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    a friend of mine builds racers in his mower shop--some go over 60 mph!!
  7. Albemarle Lawn

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