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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OnMyOwn, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. OnMyOwn

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    Who was most instrumental in your decision to enter the lawn care industry. Family member, equipment dealer, friend, or other.
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    my boss! it went down like this, the short version: it was 1995, i was in the printing trade, and i recieved "top production of the quarter" award. yup, they hung my picture in the cafeteria, there were over 50 other crew leaders in our 3 facility complex, and i, had led my team to the top of the mountain. quite an honor? not for me. the more i looked at that picture hanging there, the more i saw a donkey, yup, a jackazz, big pointy ears, bucked teeth. i felt stupid. why? because i earned this guy millions and millions, in exchange for my paycheck. but what else could i do? that year i recieved other awards also-top production in an 8 hr shift, least customer complaints, etc. after awhile, i got mad about the pictures, and refused to allow them to hang my pictures, at one point, even got my attorney to write a threatening letter. then, out of the blue, an old highschool aquaintence stopped by, asking to rent some garage space to store his mowers. he had 2- 21"s, and said just for kicks he started mowing lawns for extra cash, and he grew out of control, it sounded easy. of course, i threw him the hell out. but, i said, "hmmm, if this idiot can make money doing this, i'm sure, to make a ton of money." so, i started mowing grass. it wasn't easy, but i hung in there. finally, in 2003, i told my boss to kiss my behind, and never looked back.
  4. Precision

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    I am a trained chef by trade. Lived in NYC for 10+ years plying my trade.
    I got to the top of the pile in the off premise catering arena. well at least the top without hiring a PR machine to hype my name. And everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE I worked it wasn't if, but when they started shorting your check "due to financial problems. I was sick of working 60-80 hour weeks for someone else only to get robbed at the end. There was nothing else to do other than start my own catering shop and the start up cost was ******** and the cost of failure even worse.

    I was getting pretty burnt and starting my own would have meant being the chef, the cook, the pot washer, the salesman and everything else for a while. See already burnt.

    Got really sick of the cold weather and decided to move back to Florida. Chefs get paid McDonald's wages here. No such thing as off premise catering. Tried to buy and existing catering house, but the guy was insane on his price.

    So I looked around for other ideas while I took a 3 month, get my head on straight, vacation. Of all the options, this one had the lowest entry hurdle, the least cost of failure, and most importantly an absolute correlation between work ethic and success.

    So here I am in year two with something like 85 accts 1 full time employee, 2 part timers, paying myself decent and making the transition from an owned job to a business.
  5. smullen

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    My two best friends each own their own LC and are doing it full time... I've known and respected both of them for over 15 years...

    I've worked for both of them part time, when they need the extra help and I need the extra cash..

    The one has grown quite large, with (3) 2 man Crews , cutting fulltime, a Bobcat and Dump truck that stay pretty busy...

    I really want to get out of what I do and work for myself.. Since I've done this before and was pretty good at it, it seems like the best way for me to go... So, I'm working at starting up my own gig... That and I also have a small Sign and Decal business going... So, I guess I can make my own truck and yard signs...
  6. DLCS

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    Me, I always loved to mow grass. My previous jobs were in steel and fabrication and we all know that those industries are not vary reliable anymore. My wife and in laws have always supported my decision and is my primary moral supporter. My parents and friends all thought I was nuts and I would fail.
  7. jtrice11

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    an aquaintance. There were two scenarios, a good friend of mine almost begged me not to go into it. Said I was a fool, and there's no money in lawn care. But an aquaintance that I know has been doing this for 17 years, the company makes a ton of money. That convinced me that it can be done. So I went for it.
  8. mcwlandscaping

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    Ever since the first time i mowed the lawn, i have been hooked into doing this. Everytime work gets awful, something really good happens and makes it worthwhile again!
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    Started off mowing the nieghbors yard when I was 13. Did it part time for extra money here and there. Started doing a lot of tractor work 5 yrs ago but now phasing that out ( guys here do it for 15 an hour) and been mowing a lot for bout 2 years but been serious about it just this year. Definatly going to grow more and more til I get to the point where I can tell people we are full and not taking clients
  10. Shuter

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    Me and my need for a good income.

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