Just demoed a Spartan mower

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by LawnInnovationsOmaha, Mar 28, 2018.

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    Since its a rainy Sunday i will do a little comparison. I picked two models that are very close in price and specs to try and make it fair. Let me know what yall think. I found scag to be less detailed in some specific areas and same with spartan. To each their own.These numbers come from respected websites.

    Scag Tiger Cat 2-
    12CC Parker Hydros with cooling fans
    up to 12mph forward and 5mph reverse
    Kawasaki fuel injected 23hp
    fuel capacity 9.5 gallons
    "large pnuematic tires"
    "high quality bearing"
    weight for 61" 1255-1260lbs
    frame- couldnt find
    machine warranty- 2 yr commercial for manufactor defects, didnt find hr limit, 3 yr or 500hr non-commercial warranty
    3 yr deck warranty- says only manufactor defects?
    3 yr deck spindle warrant- full coverage for first 2 yrs and parts only for 3rd
    engine warranty-says to consult with individual engine manufactorer
    msrp- $9600- $10,200 (Best i could find on internet)

    Spartan SRT HD-
    16cc Parker Hydros with cooling fans, 3 yr 2000hr warranty
    up to 13mph forward and 5mph reverse
    vanguard fuel injected 37hp motor
    fuel capacity 9 gallons
    radial front and rear tires
    cast aluminum sealed ag bearings
    weight for 61" 1238lbs
    frame- powder coated
    engine warranty 3 yr residential, 3 yr commercial
    full warranty 2yr residential, 2 yr commercial, 120 day belt
    deck warranty, lifetime on leading edge
    msrp- $10,000-10,500 quoted from local dealer and on internet
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    I love Scag mowers. But I don't love them blindly. They have been the most reliable in my experience. But no narrow mind here. If I found something even close to as good as Scag, Hustler, or JD, for example, for that price, I'd jump on it. But there is no way in Hell they are going to be. I wasn't able to mow with it, but I have heard some horrible stories about cut quality from Spartans.

    Honestly, after reflection, they probably are turning a small profit. But they are reducing cost per unit by building mowers with low-grade, KEY components. A 24 HP Kohler Confidant on a commercial mower is not good. Especially a mower that size.

    Is Scag milking their reputation? No doubt at least a little bit. But they built that reputation by making high-quality products, and they always charged a premium for them, letting the products sell themselves with obvious quality.
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    Lmao So true!
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    Dane Scag is in heaven cutting God’s grass
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    Yes he is lol RIP Dane

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