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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by LawnInnovationsOmaha, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Mshawn

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    Spartan is a great mower. I was on the fence between spartan srt-hd and John Deere z950m. I went with the experience that John Deere delivers. I thank we will see this company grow. Get on there site and read the story of Robert foster, owner of spartan. Also I wouldn’t by into the” they ended on bad terms” deal. Anyway I think that spartan will work out the bugs before long. Also someone said about bad cut quality of the Spartans. I’ve heard this about every mower company in the industry. From what I’ve seen the cut quality is as good as any. After my Deere is paid off I’m going to get a spartan, and no I’m not trading in the Deere.if you like the spartan I say go for it.
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  2. Digger78

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    I’m having start problems with my spartan 37hp vanguard. Dealer can’t figure it out. Seems to be frying the board. It’s been replaced 4 times now. I think they should have kept it simple with a key start. I don’t know what I’m going to do, it’s getting frustrating.
  3. tareece

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    It should be really easy to figure out what to do... the u should qualify for a "lemon" provision and get a new one swapped out for it... especially after 4 replacement boards.. seems like you've been more than patient.
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    Dealer support is easy to find in my experience. I can throw a rock in any direction and find one in my area. They are popping up everywhere.

    You can't reset the code unless you have the code currently used to start the mower.

    Go to their website and check out the dealer locater.

    You can buy a lot of their parts online at "The Mower Shop"

    Also to the OP and his 500 hour claim. On the facebook page for Spartan Owners, there are a lot of owners on there with 1000+ hours used in a commerical setting. From my dealings with Spartan direct and the dealers near me, I have not found a better level of Customer Service from any other MFG.

    I'm happy with mine. This pic is crap grass (Bahia) and weeds. It does well with no striping kit.
  5. j21black

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    Current dealer network....I had to minimize it to capture most of the country.

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    This is my second season with a Spartan SRT and the dealer I have is awesome. They have treated me right. When I come in with a repair they make sure I'm back mowing in minutes even if it means taking parts off a new machine. Any lawn care professional should appreciate that.
    The mower is ok but there are still some kinks to be worked out. The biggest is poor cut quality when cutting thick or tall grass. I used this machine right beside a couple of other leading brand commercial mowers and the difference was so remarkable that the customers would comment (not a good thing). I think Spartan is working on the problem though they don't seem to want to acknowledge the issue to the customer (which makes us wonder if they are trying to pretend it isn't there). To be fair, My dealer said there is a deck modification on the board.
    Anyway I got tired of the cut and did some mods myself with amazing results. I am very happy with the cut now. I will send a link to my YouTube video on how I fixed it just in case someone needs to know.
  7. Jman257

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    So after your mods you are able to get a one pass manicured look? I see where Spartan offers a Turbo Flow baffle mod for the machines. I think they are well-built mowers and I’m in the market for a new zero turn....looking for a great cut. I’ve had my eye on Scag(with Velocity Plus) and John Deere(with 7 Iron 2) as many feel they give the best cut today. Do you think the Spartan rivals them with the mod?

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