Just Demoed the New Toro 588E, Turbo Force deck.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tonyr, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Tonyr

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    Just Demoed the New Toro 588E, 60" Turbo Force deck.

    Demo was on vacant land, part of has been slashed months ago and new growth was scrub grasses up to 1 foot high.

    Next section has never been slashed, 2ft. tall thick rubbish grass, thick with bermuda, weeds, and all damp.

    Today's test was to see what the capabilities the mulch system had.

    OK, 3/4 + speed on the lighter going stuff was easy for this machine, mulching at 2.5 inches gave mulch that was fifrous and long pieces of stalky stuff no longer than 1 inch, with this test I used medium sail blades, not mulching blades. As I run a dedicated mulcher now and at half the speed, this new turbo force deck is very good.

    Just for fun we tried it in long thick stuff, ok, not meant for this but heck, why not....required 2 passes to leave an excellent finish.

    Did not get a chance to demo the side discharge with adjustable baffle, demo was just shipped from America and not yet set up, deck not set up etc, and the rep obviously hadn't changed the mulch baffles before.

    The machine itself...suspension seat, very thick steering levers, nice soft steering dampening, very stable, very comfortable seat height, massive front wheel forks, spannerless spindle covers, 1 drive belt, distance from under engine to ground is approx 7 inches, the deck lift stand once used to it is very useful, deck is unbreakable, extremely solid, roll bar folds backward out of the way, 1.5 inch blade overlap.

    Nice engine, very smooth, deep baffled mufler.
    Everything is easy to access for servicing and maintaining.

    Comparison between this new toro and the '03 model hustler super z would be....as far as easy going open mulching, both machines are great. hustler has a lower design I feel, and is just as comfortable, I did like the slightly more upright seat on the toro and the new thick bars.

    The hustler in side discharge was excellent.
    Toro could not show me on this occasion....

    Build quality for both....well both are 100% commercial and built to last, both extremely bulky/tough.

    Engineering, both companies have done their homework and have produced excellent machines.

    Toro has a few features that are clever that the super z doesn't, but neither effect cut or effiency, except for the adjustable deck flow baffle.

    Mulching wise both are excellent even at very fast speeds in heavy conditions, maybe the toro chopped clippings up a fraction finer, then maybe I drove differently today....I'd say an even comparison.

    Side discharge is the decider, the hustler was purefy excellent on the same ground, very impressive, but the new toro can manipulate flow baffles, which should give it the edge in real tough going, damp etc...

    So as it stands, both top quality and comfortable and built as tough as, both have super tough decks, both have the engine closely nestled behind the seat, both have the engine mounted nice and low, both run 1 drive belt, both mulch as good as or better than expected, both fast, eye appeal....toro by a whisker.

    I'm getting a trade price on my toro z355 soon, I have seen enough of this toro to buy, all depends on the changeover price.
    But failing a purchase of this new toro, I would feel as comfortable on the new hustler super z with 28hp efi, certainly a very strong contender, with great state management.

    If I somehow get another ride, I'll let you know how the new deck side discharges in our scrub grasses.

    Thanks for your interest.

  2. Thanks for the comparison. Which motor did you demo on the Toro?
    The diesel for that machine is due soon, if you'd be interested.

  3. Tonyr

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    Hi Dave,

    The Toro had the 28 EFI Kohler engine....very smooth!

    The older Hustler had a 25 Kaw. engine.

    Both were 60 inch decks.

    The rep said they intended getting the diesel to us ASAP, for now the gas will do, but this diesel is supposed to be something very special!

  4. Potchkins

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    will the diesel be
    a/ 27hp
    b/31hp turbo?
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Thanks for posting about the mulching ability. So far I have yet to see a mulch kit for one. My demo was side discharge and all I have seen at the dealer are equipped that way.

    I'm very curious to see one, see how it mounts to the deck, how simple/hard installation is ect... The main reason my interest is peaked about this is I too mulch 99% of the time. The only time I side discharge is while doing a rough cut on a pasture or something like that.

    I am very happy with my Z's mulching ability and so far I haven't found anything else that can match or beat it. But this Turbo Force deck might be able to. If it can and the mulch kit is on/off easier than mine, I might be interested in a Toro sometime in the future.

    Also one other thing I feel is worth mentioning about the Turbo Force deck is that built in anti-blowout lip on the front of the deck. My demo didn't produce the front blowout that I saw on the Exmark or my Kees deck. The Exmark produces a lot of grass blowout that ends up right on the operator. The Kees will too depending on what baffles are installed, but in any event it is not as bad as Exmark. However, where it gets annoying on the Kees is during leaf season. Even with the mulch kit installed I get blowout/blow away.
  6. TONY

    gid' day mate ,how much those machine's cost in american down under?.

    Ive run a hustler to and i agree very good mower id have one now but for the dealer being 40 miles one way from me.

  7. Tonyr

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    I Don't know what brand or size diesel the new diesel models will be running, I'm interested though!

    Mulching is my main purpose, others have said how well the side discharge in your country and with a combination of adjustable flow baffles, 5.5 inch deep deck, multi blade choices oem, I'm more than shore this deck will perform as well as the best or better than it. No doubts at all and I'm a sceptical bugger! :)

    I did find that this Toro felt bigger than the Hustler, colour obviosly tricks your eye a bit, and it is actually a bit longer, which I do like...

    Hey oodin, mate, how are ya!??
    One of these monsters in our pitaful ecconomy is about...er, $24000 approx, at a currency transfer to US$ this would equate to, $15600 at a currency rate of .65cents to your 1 dollar.

    This is about 400 x $60 jobs, or 400 acres! Not allowing for bank interest and fees of course :)

    My only worry is in the real world of contracting not mower selling, going from a 48inch deck to 60inch deck with a super beafy frame whether your average prop, of 1/4 to 1/2 is too small now for this thing....it doesn't feel as nimble as my z355, but it's bloody bigger too! I just hope these things can easily work where I go now or I'm in strife and I won't know till after I buy...
    But it will do all of my bigger stuff perfect, which is what I'm really trying to develop...

  8. pinnacle

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    I would go the Toro over the Husler mate.

    The new Toro's are pretty much the same machine as the Exmark.
    And we both know from being on this site that they are spose to be the goods.
    My dealer is BIG on the Toros and I think I'm gunna demo a LC/Diesel just for the fun of it to see what all the hype is about.

    There again saying this I don't know alot about the Hustler mowers so I can't say.

    But the new Toro's look like real mean machine and a good investment.

    My dealer had some of the 04' LC/D Exmarks in the shop and he was sticking Toro stickers on em so the LC/D's are the same but the only Toro's that are exactly the same here as the Exmarks are the LC/D's. The other units are almost the same.
    What the dollar difference on a LC/diesel toro to the engine you demod?
  9. Tonyr

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    Hey odin00

    I thought you had one of these new Toro's?

  10. pinnacle

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    Yeh........so I hear mate.

    The guy from "Independent Lawn Contractors of Australia" said on his site that you have helped them alot and I qoute " Tony from Harvey Bay must be one of the most sceptical blokes on the planet"

    Just thought it was funny when I heard "Tony from Havey Bay" when I was having a look at the site.

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