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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by atasteofnature, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. atasteofnature

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    For those of you who have been around for the last few election years. I have heard from local people that economy is always getting worse but on election years it is real ugly and after the president is elected then it kind of levels out. Not really saying the it goes back to normal but it kind of relaxes and not as crazy for the next 3 years until the next election comes up. I just wanted to hear simple opinions and not political stuff because I could care less I was just wondering about the every 4 year thing. I am trying to start a business and think I can stay strong but I know it is all in GOD'S HANDS. Thank you for your time.
  2. prizeprop

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    I think if Obama gets elected the economy will improve, only because the media is 80% liberal left and they will let up on the sky is falling reporting and things will settle in a better direction. If McCain is elected, things will be rough for awhile because the liberal media will switch from Bush bashing to McCain bashing. McCain 2008:usflag:
  3. corey4671

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    ^^^^ this is a valid point..although I don't wanna see Obama elected!! The media is slanted towards the Dems and the only way they have any hope of getting the Dems back in the oval office is to convince the public that the economy is in the tank. It's like that Gramm fellow said..it's a MENTAL recession we are in and we have become a nation of whiners.
  4. topsites

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    What frustrates me is it's all nothing but a dirty little circus they play with us, a game within a corrupt system that is supposed to stand for something but all they keep doing is taking advantage of everything. The entire thing is a manipulation of not just the people and the country and to a point the world, but it's all for Washington's benefit.

    See, the reason why they do that?
    Is so when the new president takes office he can then wave a magic wand and DO something that 'fixes' the problem, then all of a sudden the American people LOVE the new President to tears and it's all happy-happy party-party again.
    Wow, the new president really is something don't you know it and all that crap, here you go now isn't life grand?

    Because that's exactly what happened with Bush, and Clinton went through this process, too. Then, after they miraculously fix everything their grand motion lands them several years of superb appreciation from the people which usually lasts until re-election, almost assuring an 8-year term and it is thus the Washington circus has got it figured out down to a science.

    Which, I really don't care but is all that really necessary, do we have to go through these ups and downs, and why?
    Because some say we the people would lose faith in the system, is that why?
    What about once someone sees through the veils of deceit, what happens to my faith now?

    I can just about guarantee the next President will put a stop to the Iraq war, which I'm not arguing it does need to stop, fine... Because they will say the war consumes petrol and that is what is driving up the price of fuel and yatta-yatta-yatta blablabla and the soldiers can come home and so on ...
    Which I have no inherent problem with that, except...
    No don't stop it now, not just yet, you see it has to wait until the next president is in office, Bush isn't allowed to do anything about the problem right now you understand because Bush is leaving office so he can't come up with the solution (and not because he might not have it, but because now is not the time and I'm not disagreeing that there is a time and place for everything but this so reeks of influencing the system from the inside out).

    That little BS game I find frustrating.

    It ain't right, and there might not be anything outright wrong with doing it,
    but right it still isn't, not really.
  5. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    Oh, I forgot to mention... :p

    On the other hand if I am wrong, then we're really skru'd hahaha
  6. lawnman_scott

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    people make it seem worse than it is. No matter who is in charge, about 1/2 the country will dislike him.

    Oh, also, it is in your hands, not Gods. I dont think it matters to him weather you mow grass or not.
  7. Az Gardener

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    Many business will stand down until the election is over then move ahead in the direction they believe is best based on whom was elected.

    If Obama is elected I would expect many businesses too just sit on heir hands to see what he is going to do.

    If McCain is elected I think business will move ahead with a big sigh of relief.
  8. atasteofnature

    atasteofnature LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thank you all for taking the time to reply
  9. Roger

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    Or, they pack up and quit. I know that if the proposed tax structures are implemented, I will probably pack it in and quit. The idea of "hitting the rich people because they can afford it," rarely includes talk of how much capital is NOT being infused into the business cycle. Money that was formerly put into business enterprise for startup, expansion, etc. will be paid to the government in taxes. Who puts money into the business cycle, the person making $250K/year (the one "who can afford higher taxes"), or the person making $40K/year? If soaking the rich is considered the way to go, I see the business world getting hit very hard and those with important capital will not be building businesses that employ people.
  10. Charles

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    These facts are very clear and they are not political or media driven:

    High Gas prices--leaving most of us with less spending money for everything else
    High Energy prices are driving up the cost of everything else--food, home heating oil, TAXES etc.
    Many who depend on home heating oil will suffer this winter.
    The housing market is in a slump. There is a glut of houses on the market in many areas of the country. Builders are stuck with homes they can't sell. Banks lost billions due to bad loans.
    Homeowner equity has diminished considerably because home value's have dropped due to the glut of houses on the market
    Interest on savings and investments(Not related to oil) are down to nothing leaving many retiree's with not much spending money
    World demand for steel, copper etc has skyrocketed. This has caused a big increase in prices across the board
    The government has borrowed $3 Trillion+ to increase our overall debt to $9 Trillion. Much of it going toward 2 wars and rebuilding another country. Interest on the debt is incredible. China and Japan are owed much of that debt. This has driven down the value of the dollar to record lows.
    Trade deficits are way up there.

    Sure certain sectors of the economy are doing well. The rich are doing fine as usual. A large segment of our society is feeling pinched and helpless

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