Just finished my irrigators class

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by TexasFire221, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Got my ass handed to me last Saturday. Not as bad as my divorce with the only difference being my ex-wife hit me harder than the other guys.
    Long story short, set my car up for a dry/firm track and ended up mud bogging in a loose/saturated track. Wrong tires, wrong suspension = me being the pinata instead of the bat.
    Go to you tube and search for the Spicewood Texas Demolition Derby 2011 - find the purple ghetto sled caddy number 00 and that's me.
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    It hasn't been very long since I took the exam and honestly I found it pretty easy. I finished all 4 sections by about 11:30 so I went to lunch, came back and looked over it but I felt good about my answers so I turned it in. I was the 2nd person to complete that day,even ahead of pretty much all the people that were only retaking a single section, and I had a funny exchange with the proctor.

    Proctor - You done?
    Me - Yes.
    Proctor - You sure you're done?
    Me - Yeah, pretty sure.
    Proctor - OK, I'll see you next time.
    Me - Sounds good.

    Got my results and the lowest I scored on any section was a 94, got a 100 on hydraulics.

    This stuff isn't that complicated if you know the math, the laws and backflow. They don't ask any of the hard stuff like how to locate a shorted solenoid or how to determine if a zone has even DU or how to convince a customer that the reason 1/2 his yard is yellow and the other 1/2 is brown is because it wasn't hydrozoned worth a damn. Just review the book the night before, write down your formulas on a piece of scrap paper as soon as you sit down and double check your math and you should do fine.

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