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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Newstart, May 20, 2007.

  1. Newstart

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    EverRide Hustler Kawasaki 19hp with 48in deck $5400 vs. Hustler Mini Z 52in deck with 19hp for $6100. Just getting started and have been using anything that will run to cut grass. Spend more time working on mowers than cutting. I have decided to step up to a commercial mower but need to keep the price around $6000.00 or preferably below. I have tried out the mini z but going tomorrow to try the EverRide. After reading all the post and looking at the specifications I am getting more confused. Everytime I believe that I made up my mind I will read another thread that changes it. The 0% for 36 months and price and looking at the specifications makes the EverRide very attractive to a newbie with only a few yards but hoping to grow quickly. The hustler has been around, proven itself, and I have a dealer 15 minutes away vs. 1hour 15 minutes away. My biggest concern about Everride is the Toro dealer and other things I have read say EverRide is in finiancial trouble. Sorry to repeat the same type questions but still confused on what to do and $700 less plus special financing is substantial to me right now. I appreciate any help or advice you could give and thanks in advance. P.S. Looked at Toro, Exmark but all cost more for comparable mowers with local dealers.
  2. Jason Rose

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    The everride isn't a Hustler... Totally different brand, and a lot better machine than the Mini Z from Hustler. Hustlers are frankly lacking a lot in the cutting deck catagory, especially on the "compact" Z's such as the Mini.

    Everride is a sponsor on this forum too, according from the horses mouth they are in NO trouble at all, and are actually growing at a fast rate. I'm SERIOUSLY considering a 52" model next spring, even though my closest dealer would be a 45 minute drive away. Still better than dealing with the clowns around here that call themselves "dealers".
  3. Newstart

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    Sorry. I have looked at so many mowers. Typo on the Everride Hustler. I knew that it was two different companies. I have been leaning toward the EverRide and hopefully the demo tomorrow will seal the deal. I am going from a craftsman tractor so must be careful because everything seems like a dream come true. The hustler was incredible when I took it for a spin but I am sure the EverRide will perform as well tomorrow. Forgot to mention, I am cutting a lot of hills but little grass mostly new construction.
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    Jason, I know what you mean about the dealers in the area.

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