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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by henry2617, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. henry2617

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    I own a maintenance company and want to offer lawn fertilization to
    my clients. How do I figure out what to charge them? Most of the properties are
    about 10,000 to 20,000 sq ft. - zoysia. I know each yard has a different set of problems, but just on the average, what should the charge be?
    thank you, hank
  2. boats47

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    check other posts we talk about this often. Bottomn line is you have to figure your cost first, and then a profit margin that stays competative with everyone else
  3. Tscape

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    My favorite question of all time. Let's just keep this one as a "sticky" so everybody can chime in once and for all on this timeless, rookie question. Sorry if I don't sound like a "nice guy". I really am. Ask better questions, you'll get better answers. Notice how this same question is actively being discussed 2 threads up?????? (For the 700th time)
  4. henry2617

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    You don't sound like a "nice guy" You sound very insecure, and hostile.
    If you don't like my questions then don't respond. Have fun sitting in your mothers basement not answering other peoples questions - because you didn't answer mine!
  5. Vikings

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    I'm in the same boat as you, I even bought my books to get certified but haven't found the time to open them yet. Spring clean ups start in a week.

    Anyway, I know little about fert. and I had collected all the advertising that came with prices from last year from weed man, lawn man whoever man etc. so I knew what they charged. But I was worried because of the prices of Scotts fert at home depot but I looked in the yellow pages and talk to a bulk dealer, he'll sell to me 32-4-8 for $1.84 a 1000 sq ft. which is half the price of Home Depot. I felt a little better after that.

    btw, this is one of the least helpful forums.
  6. Victor

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    I tried to PM you with some helpful info on setting up a pricing structure Henry, but you're not accepting PM's, so I couldn't help you out.
  7. M.C.L.C.

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    Thats classic, way to go hank! finally a new guy stands up for himself to these guys who feel the need to be a jerk. i mean we all started somewhere, we didnt know what to charge even after reading the pesticide books seeing as how they don't say anything about price. Why even respond if you are just going to say something rude? Find out the cost it would take you to do the yard and mark it up as you see fit henry, and again i thank you for standing up for yourself.
  8. jelawncare

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    start with a min. charge for 5000 sq. ft. aprox $8.00 so you 40.00 min
    then add $3.50 per 1,000 sq. ft. so a 10,000 sq. ft. lawn price $57.50
    put together a lawn care program and charge the same for each app.
    this is basic pricing for the mid west
    so a basic 4 step weed and feed program 4 $ 230.00
  9. Victor

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    Your PM's are still turned off Henry. If you ever decide to turn them on, send me a PM and I'll tell you some information that should help you. Take care.
  10. RAlmaroad

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    Victor: I'm almost sure that the person that you're PMing needs 25 posts to threads in order to RECEIVE any PMs--Roy

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