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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SmithLandCare, Oct 14, 2005.

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    Just found this site and have been reading the posts for the past few hours. I think this could turn out to be an invaluable resource; especially with all the experience out there. Thank you all for being so helpful to all of us new guys. What would your advice be if I was considering taking a loan out to get an Exmark Turf Tracer and other new equipment?
  2. uspw

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    my only advice would be: make sure your income covers what you get!!!. in other words, if you have all residentials, dont get an Exmark 61" sit down ztr with all the bells and whistles. go stander. your view is improved ( so you have a better chance of seeing that rock just waiting to smash your new blades:dizzy: ), they take up less space, and the handling is unremarkable.
    or if you want a walk behind, get one, but go hydro.
  3. Full throttle lawn care

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    This is what I did and why. First I payed cash for my trailer and right now john deere has 0% Apr and no payments for the first 6months with a low 9% APR after 6months and the mower comes with a full 2year warranty parts and labor included and if it goes in for warranty work they give you a loner so you don't get backed up with work. I also was able to get my edger,trimmer,blower,line trimmer under the same plan. So you have 6month to pay it off using there money,can't beat that.:D

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