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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Carino Property Services, Jan 28, 2005.

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    Hello Everyone, I'm starting a lawn service after being disabled for 6 years. I would like to know if the equipment I'm looking at is the right stuff. I already have a Ferris IS3000ZX and a 18' open trailer by Quallity Trailers. I'm looking at Ferris 36'' HydroCut a Shindaiwa M2500 multi tool with string trimmer,powerbroom, stickedger and EB630 blower. Is this good equipment? I already have about 60 plowing contracts, I started that 2 years ago,and have alot of my customers asking if I do lawn work,they seem to like me and my work. I don't have much experience on lawns, other than my own 3.5 acre lawn, thats why I have the 3000ZX. ( bad back) Thanks for looking at my post any and all responces will be greaty appriciated. Oyea awesome site. Thanks Tom :waving:
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    Sounds to me like your off to a good start. It all sounds like pretty good equiptment to me. Good Luck!
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    sounds like a well equipped start to me, I can't say much about the multi tool. but i'm curious if its fast/easy change over from one to the next? from what i've seen for pricing on attachments to the multi tools i just wonder if you would be better off with a reg. line trimmer & edger. remember if the motor dies you lose all your trimming equipment. if you go with either set up i suggest watching garage sales for a cheap back up trimmer. all you need is a home owner model for a spare. it sucks not to have any if your primary wont start. :D

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