just got a 36" bobcat mower

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by endless, May 10, 2010.

  1. endless

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    hello all.... new here!

    been lurking for a while.

    Today i just picked up a used bobcat 36" mower (walk behind belt drive) for my home....

    i am new to the bigger mowers... any tips for a noob?
  2. rarefc3s

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    Cut on slowest ground speed until you get used to it. Don't run into things. I have a very old 36" Bob Cat I have been using for years. Take care of it and it will last. If you use it just for your yard adjust it to your yard. I raised my cutting height to avoid some tree roots and a bad dip near my neighbors driveway. The decks are strong but the less you scratch and beat on them the better.
  3. endless

    endless LawnSite Member
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    the right tire on it has gone flat.... i tried inflating it, no avail.

    can i take the wheel off? whats needed to do that?

    thank you
  4. Cleve

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    These tubeless tires are a bummer to inflate if the tire has deflated enough to leave the wheel.
    You need to wrap a cord around the tire and use a screwdriver to twist the cord enough to force the center of the tire in. Sounds weird but it works. Even a bungee cord will work if you wrap it enough. Then add some air to the tire. As soon as the tire starts to inflate remove the wrap and add rest of air.

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