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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by lawnjocky, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. lawnjocky

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    Bit the bullet and bought a used Mag-8000 off ebay. Cost about $700 with shipping. Got it today so I sharpened a couple of blades just to check it out. After over 20 years of using sanders, files, bench, angle, and other brands of blade grinders I have more than a little experience sharpening blades. My first impression of using this machine.... I regret buying it. While using the Mag-8000 all I could think about is, why didn't I buy one of these years ago! My foreman is in the field right now, but I'm sure he will have some choice words for me after trying it out. It might be best if I go home early today. I'm sure in time the regret will subside and the joy of ownership will take over.

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    Hello Sam,

    I'm very confused by your post. I've re-read it a few times now.

    You say you regret buying a MAG-8000. Then in the next sentence, you ask yourself why you didn't buy one years ago.

    Is there a problem with the MAG-8000? It sounds like you like it, but I am unsure by the way your wrote the post.

    Please clarify, and if you have a problem with the unit, we can discuss it, and I may have tips, or find that something is not working properly. You did mention it was used.

    Thank you,
  3. cpel2004

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    Magna Matic I agree with you, I dont understand what he is trying to say?
  4. Mickhippy

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    He just regrets that he didnt buy one ages ago. He loves the thing!

    By the way Gerd, mines still going well. Still original wheel and table.
    How much would a replacement wheel be while Im thinking of it?

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Heck,we have 2 red 9000,i love these, they are so fast in the morning when you are in a hurry to get going,thumbs up on the mm...........
  6. Magna-Matic

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  7. zapper

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    I am an owner of a magnamatic 9000 that I purchased back in March. I really love this thing as I can bring new life back to my mower blades. I use the machine weekly and it really does the job. I also use the balancer which works perfectly also. Its really nice to go out with sharp and balanced blades. I love it. Derald
  8. lawnjocky

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    Mickhippy got it right. I was trying to be funny. Guess I failed. I wish I had got a Mag-8000 years ago. I've been using your balancer for a long time so I knew you made good products. For the last 8-10 years I've been using a big angle grinder with a 2" cup stone. It's very fast but hard use. It takes a lot of time to teach someone how to sharpen the blades right using it. The grinder is so fast that I just didn't think I could justify the cost of a Mag grinder. What finally changed my mind is the grinder is just physically hard to use. The older I get the worse it is. So far the Mag-8000 has surpassed my expectations. In time I will be able to compare cost of usage to my angle grinder. But even if it turns out the angle grinder is a few cent's cheaper per blade, the ease of use will more than make up for it.
  9. Magna-Matic

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    Hello Sam,

    Good to hear everything is performing as it should. Now going back and reading your post with knowing the intent of humor, it is funny.

    I suppose I should not be so serious all the time ... huh? .. LOL...

    As always if you have any problems or questions never hesitate to contact me!!

    Thank you!

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