Just got back from EXPO!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JayD, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. JayD

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    I just got back from the GEO-EXPO Show.

    Wow! It was really cool. A lot to see. If you are going and are planing on spending some money, TAKE CASH!
    Most of the vendors are not taking credit cards. They did write down my cc # and let me buy, but they did not like to do it. Something about the center was charging the vendors way to much for the connection to run credit cards.
    ANYWAY........ I got to test ride my next purchase......A 60" ZTR lazerEFI I think thats what it was. It's nice.
    Anyway, have a great time.
  2. DuallyVette

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    Congrats on your new toy. Did you get to try it out in the rain? I would think that a vendor would use a cell phone connection for credit card processing... Oh Well, enjoy you new mower.
  3. Supper Grassy

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    what did you buy?

    how was it (EXPO)?
  4. JayD

    JayD LawnSite Silver Member
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    Yes, in between rains..... When I made it out there, they had placed 4x8 sheets of plywood in many areas to walk across the mud but once you got to the grass areas it was not to bad. We was out there about 30 min. when it had started to rain again so we just went back in.
    As far as the new mower, I may have said it wrong, I meant that I know what my next purchase will be. I am going to get it I think in Feb. Sorry for the confusion.
    On the credit card thing, thats what the second vendor that I bought from told me. He did say that their office was now closed and he would just have to write down my info and run it on Monday. The first vendor, after I gave her my card, ask me don't you have cash? I said no, I did'nt think using my card would be any problem, she too wrote down my info and said they would run it on Monday. So two out of two, I just thought that they all was doing that. I could be wrong though.
    Anyway, it was something, to see all those new mowers. I did think that it would have been nice to have more area to test ride in but I understand it must have cost them a lot to set up so much.
    Exmark did a very good job inside and out. They had a lot of people there to help you and they all were very knowledgeable on their products.
  5. JayD

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    Well, I only bought two things, I don't know why only two things,I bought an Exmark trash bag that hangs from my WB handles and a EZ graber for picking up the grounds. He had those for $15 and I know my dealer sales them for $21. I have found what I'm going to buy in a ZTR. Its the Exmark Lazer Z EFI 60" with a 28 H Koler. It has has the $500 comfort set. The EFI is for electronic fuel injection that saves you money in fuel over a years time. It also takes away having to choke it to start. It comes with the flat free front tires and fuel gage. It was pretty awesome. Its the 2008 model and runs for $10,500.
    It will be a nice addition to my trailer LOL.

    As for the Expo, I thought it was nice, a lot to see. So many mowers to see, many with names that I have never herd of. I thought that there was not very much of like, shirts,hats,logos vendors, blades, etc. Although, many of the vendors did have a nice set up, with video shows to see. I only saw one gas can being shown and it was that no-spill can.
    It could just be me though, I had two other people with me. Trying to stay together, and maybe what I wanted to look at, they did'nt, so you just tried not to spend too much time at one place. There was a lot to cover and I don't think that I got it all in.
    Hope this all helps.

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