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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerman90, Nov 11, 2001.

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    Wow, what a day I had. I just got back from the GIE field day in Tampa. It was a lawnmans dream come true. So many toys, so little time to play with'em. So little time, 'cause the show opened at 12:00 and it was so poorly organized that it took almost 45 minutes to get your badge from the time you payed your $15 entrance fee till the time you were finally issued your badge to actually get into the equipment area. You first had to fill out the paperwork, ie who are you, etc., then pay your money ($15), then wait while one (1) that's right, one little old lady hunted and pecked away at a computer to print your badge. You would have thought they could have afforded (at $15 per head) someone who actually knew how to type. Very , VERY frustrating. This was the first show I've ever had to pay to get in and have people try to sell me equipment. Tampa usually has 1 or 2 shows each year that are absolutely free, and almost as big as the GIE. On the plus side all of the vendors were very pleasant and informative with the exception of the "Redmax" tent. I wanted to demo the EB7000 that I've heard so many good things about here on Lawnsite. I asked if I could demo one and they said it was out of gas. It was a big production to get authorization from the factory man to fill'r'up and let me have a go at it. Gee, sorry for the inconvience fellas. Ya, it was powerful, but for my money I'd buy the new Kawasaki. Felt almost as powerful but a lot less money, and the people maning the Kawi tent were much more apprecitive of my interest. Tried a spin on the new Hustler super Z and it is one swift machine. I doubt though, you could mow anything going as fast as it goes and get a nice cut. Saw people bouncing around the landscape on the new "spring loaded" Ferris mowers. Lets face it folks, rough ground is rough, springs or not, you're still gonna bounce around like a ping pong ball if you move at very much speed. Let's just say I wasn't very impressed with them and think it's more of a gimic than anything else. I wished that Dixie Chopper would have brought their Jet powered demo machine. I've seen it at other shows and it's absoulutely amazing. But I settled for a T-shirt instead.

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