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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mattfromNY, Mar 3, 2007.

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    I just came home from the Syracuse Flower show. New this year, very nice show with nice seminars and Excellent displays. Kudos to those who put together the displays, Very nice!!
    One thing, though, coming from a sales background, I noticed that the people working the booths were NOT aggressively trying to fill their books with potential leads. Whenever I worked booths for past employers, I had to try and talk to each and every passerby, and try to develop leads from the conversations I generated. For a test, I actually walked up to several booths, picked up a pamphlet and said 'hi' to a couple of people... all I got back was a 'hi'. Nothing else. I would have been fired on the spot from my past employer for not striking up a conversation. Some of you may say I probably dont look like I needed anything, etc., or I, as the potential client, should have asked more questions. but I have developed some pretty huge leads for my past employer from people who were too shy to ask questions, or didnt look like they had a pot to pi$$ in. I dont see how the vendors up there would spend mucho bucks and mucho time building those Awesome displays only to let people walk right by. Dont want to offend anyone, just to make a point, there was a lot of potential money walking around that show today!!

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