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Just got Fastrak tonight...need help.

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by RichR, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. RichR

    RichR LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22

    I just recieved a Fastrak from a dealer in In. Im in MI. i had it shiped to me.....the unit starts fine......but when i move the control levers from park to neutral....it cuts the engine off.

    I looked in the manual as far as the adjustments for the brake switch and the actuvator...the seem to be set correct. Could it be a posible mis-wiring?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :cool:
  2. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Syracuse, NY
    Messages: 9,769

    Sounds like your seat switch needs to be hooked up.
    If it was shipped in the crate to you, you had to bolt the seat on.
    There are two wires there that need to be hooked up, they just slide on the terminals on the seat switch.
    Make sure you push them on all the way, and you will be fine.

    Hope this helps
    Let me know

  3. RichR

    RichR LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22

    Yes, those 2 wires were connected.....i checked them twice...even changed wires around to see if that made difference......but nothing........

    The unit starts and runs........untill i put control levers in neutral......then as the break switch is disingadged....the
    motor shuts off.

    Would the motor start if the seat sensor was not working?
    Or........would it start if no one was on seat?

    Thanks for your help.
  4. jonspolaris

    jonspolaris LawnSite Member
    Messages: 130


    What dealer did you get your fastrack at?? and how much did it cost to ship?? around where i live there arnt many Hustler dealer, so its a long drive. Shipping might be a good option.

  5. RichR

    RichR LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22

    My problem was solved. The seat cut off switch was not activating or it is bad...the dealing is getting me a new one. In the mean time, i have bypassed the seat switch temporarely. I'm not sure if it set up correct though. As it is fixed into the bottom of the seat with two screws, it only had the space between it (the switch) and the foam of the seat. Im not sure if the plunger on the switch actually was depressed when i sat on it. I didnt actually check to see if the switch actually worked out of the seat mount......i was in too much of a hurry to get my lawn cut.

    Before i get the new switch from the dealer...I am going to spend alittle time to see if i can add an element between the foam and the plunger on the switch. Just didnt seem like it would work as it is setup now. Has anyone else had
    a problem with this?

    I have about 3+ acres and it took me just over 2 hours. Normally it takes me 5+. I would of been able to mow faster, but there were some areas that were long, as i had not cut in two weeks. The dryness latley and heat has kept the grass down and brown so alot of it was dry and dusty. I am amaized how fast this unit goes...much faster than i can actually mow with the bumps and trimming areas i have. I am very happy with my purchase. After 3 months of research...i know i spent my money well! Thanks Hustler for making this semi/commercial unit for us big lawn-home owners.

    One happy Fastrak owner in Michigan!
  6. RichR

    RichR LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22


    They have about 11 dealers in Lower Michigan. Are you not close to one? What city are you in?

    I was going to travel 40-50 miles to get one for $5300 out the door! The local dealer here in Grand Rapids wanted full retail and was way too much, almost 6k when out the door. I then turned to the net and surched. I found Power Outdoor Store down in Indiana, just east of Indy. Their price was pretty unbeatable, and shipping to me was only $150. I ended up with
    getting all the options for it (except a vac sys) for less then what i would of got one locally with no options. They have a website (www.outdoorpowerstore.com) Ask for Gary, he treated me very well.

    My only concern now is with warranty. I recieved the Fastrak in its original factory crate. So the dealer never set it up. Actually not much to do physically except bolt on seat and the control levers, and plug the seat switch wires in. But...there was a "Registration" and "check list" form with the manual, where a authorized service person is to do general checks and report any problems or comments. It says this form must be sent in with the warranty card. I hope i will not have any problems with my factory warranty. I will call later and inquire about this. Or, if PJ see's this and will comment on the posting here.

    Thanks Hustler for making a great homeowner machine!
    I am very happy only after my first cut!

    If anyone has any questions, just email me at richr215@hotmail.com I would be happy to help anyone that is looking to buy a new mower and is not sure what to buy.
  7. jonspolaris

    jonspolaris LawnSite Member
    Messages: 130

    Thanks Rich, The nearest dealer is 40 miles and im not even sure if there a hustler dealer anymore. All the pros in our area have Exmark, exmark has more dealers so they sell more. Im in port huron.
    The prices on that website arnt bad, even if you had to have it shipped. If you dont live in IN then there no sales tax, which would be more than shipping.
    Thoes prices are good to see if a dealer will price match.
  8. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Syracuse, NY
    Messages: 9,769

    You must have that dealer fill out the paper work.
    If you get your local dealer to do warranty, he will not get paid unless it was a registered unit.
    The dealer that sold it to you was to set it up and inspect the unit.
    So you may want to call the dealer you bought it from.

    Hope this helps

  9. RichR

    RichR LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22

    It appears i have spoken before i got all the facts.
    The dealer did do a setup on it...they just put it back
    in the factory crate to ship it. I recieved some paper
    work from the dealer in IN. in the mail today.

    I failed to ask them about the warranty issue when
    i purchased it. I was so thrilled with the fact that I
    was going to actually get a awesome new mower,
    i didnt even think to ask about any warranty issues
    when i went through the buying process. I was actually
    more worried about how long it would take to get it
    shipped to me more.

    So, no probs with the unit or the dealer i purchased
    it from.

    At this point, im only sad that there is such a drought
    here in MI. so I cant mow every 5 or 7 days. And I
    am the type of person that always hated to mow the lawn!
    Now i cant wait !!!!!


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