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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GREENTIMEJG, Sep 21, 2007.


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    I do not have any equipment yet and am still in the process of finding out how much insurance will cost and licensing. I went out and mowed my lawn and the lady across the street came over and told me how good of a job I do on it. I said thank you and asked if she wanted me to cut her lawn next year. She said yes and that she did not like the way the other guy was doing it. I told her how much i would charge her and she said it was about 10.00 more a cut than she pays now. I said OK its up to you think about it and you know where i live if you change your mind. I went inside and about 30 is later she was knocking on my door and told me that my price was fair and asked if I would also cut it the rest of this season.It will take me about 30 min when i get a 48 walk behind including trimming and blowing and i am charging her 35a week. She does not water it at it does not grow much when it does not rain but most of the time I should be able to cut it once a week.

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    Good job! It's been 6 years now but I still remember the thrill of signing that first customer up.
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    I was so excited about my first phone call....took 3 day though, but when the phone started ringing, it never stopped....I can still remember my first lawn....only took me 5.5 hrs.....boy, was I green....Good Luck...
  5. NC Greenscaper

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    Sounds like a good price quote good luck. If it wasn't raining, I would go cut mine and see if that would work for me.
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    sweet i just got another yard to.for $40 once a week.getting a yard is an awsome feeling
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    Congrats! Nice job standing firm on your price. Go ahead and set a minimum price in your head for once a week and twice a month. Right now mine is $35 and $40...I am probably going to raise after this season. Good luck!
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    I mowed my first lawn with a Craftsman! Oh the horror!
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    congrats to you. good luck with your business. i remember cutting my 1st lawn 2 years ago.
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    I started on my street and I must have been crazy to want to mow lawns on my street. Maybe I do have a fascination with mowers, because the yards were really big and most people mowed their own, but when I offered them $15 or $20 they decided to take me up on it! lmao There were lots of rocks and some had lots of trees, probably average of 1/2 acre or more, and I didn't have a trimmer so one customer made me trim her lawn with an electric trimmer! Of course no self-propel mower either; I remember one was a Craftsman with a Tecumseh engine! So as bad as my equipment may be now, I should never complain! :) As long as I don't find myself using an electric weed trimmer again! lol

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