Just Got my logo


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Honestly I'm not sure I like the logo or the name. I think I know your meaning behind the name: time cutters saving customer time by him not having to do thier own lawn care. But when I read it I think of a company coming in and racing through my yard to get to the next one. As for the logo, a comical clock mowing grass doesnt look like a professional comapny, looks like a young kid looking to get a little extra cash in the summer. Sorry to be blunt but its just MO.


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I guess Wal Mart isnt a professional company since they now use a smiley face as part of their logo. After all, any kid could draw that.

Time Cutters

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Maplewood MN
Just trying to be a little different from the rest. I think a logo with trees and landscape would be perfect, but a lot of companies already use that.


Yardley, PA.
Okay you asked. I'm not crazy about it. As promower said, it doesn't "appeal" to me.

When I see a push mower in a logo or on a flyer, I just think of the neighborhood kid.

But then again, a customer doesn't think the way WE do, so it may make no difference to them. Who knows?.

Where did you get the logo? Make it yourself, pay someone?

Just incase anyone reading this isn't aware, there is a GREAT site for getting logos.
It's www.designoutpost.com , definately worth checking out.