Just got my new ATZ

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by BeachData, May 5, 2004.

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    Took delivery same day I ordered it and it is a blast. Haven't had this fun since my Army tanker days at Ft. Knox. I have six acres in the north Georgia mountains. Average slope is 18 degrees but have some spots close to 30. Been going downhill only on the steep stuff. Got prices from three dealers and they were all within $400 of each other. The dealer I bought from in Cleveland, GA said he was new to the product so we will see what happens if it needs service. Seems no one in this county has a 27 hp Kohler engine so I ordered a few years supply of oil filters.
    Haven't had any problems other than the seat safety switch wire was dressed too short and adjusting the seat disconnected it. That was easy to remedy. I trashed my discharge chute on a big rock the first day so I decided to install my mulch kit. With a few well placed four letter words, it managed to fit and works great.
    Suggestion: Seems to need a double sump on the fuel tanks because running with half tank going up a long hill is exciting when it starves. I have to top off the tank too often. Maybe it can feed from Both tanks instead of one at a time.

    Will try to send some pictures in future.

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    If its like my Super Z, it can feed off both tanks at the same time. There should be a small cut off on the bottom front of your tanks.(if they are the same as the Super's
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    Congrats on the new mower !!

    The ATZ has a fuel switch, and you can only draw off 1 tank at a time, there are no additional valves on the bottom of the tanks, as with previous models.

    Let see some pics of that new unit !!

  4. BeachData

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    It actually has valves on the bottom of each tank..but it also has an "A-B type" valve that allows selection of one tank or the other.
    Too bad it can't be an "A-B-All" switch.
    When the paperwork that came with the mower said not to mow on slopes until you have experience, they wern't kidding. Haven't driven something like this since 1968.
    When it starved out with half a tank, I was halfway up a 100 foot slope of about 20 degrees. Wasn't real clear on how to stop it with no power. Needless to say I had a fun ride backwards for about thirty feet.
    I got that part figured out, with practice.


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