Just Got My Quick 36 Yesterday!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cadzilla500, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. cadzilla500

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    I went to Better Products and picked mine up yesterday. It seems to be a well built machine, but it is a little slow. I read in the owners manual how to speed them up, but haven't had the chance to adjust it yet. Does anyone else think theirs is slow, and if so did the adjustments help? I'll probably mess with it on Saturday or Sunday.

    I also saw one of the new Fast 44's and a bruch cutter they are designing.:usflag:
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    Sorry I missed you yesterday during the "Big Blizzard of '07"!

    You'll get some initial seating in the hydro control cables... run it for a few hours and then adjust the forward cable (the adjuster is right behind the gas tank) until there's a ~1/16" free play in the handles. You'll get max speed and I guarantee it'll walk your legs off.

    PS: For continued admittance to the "Bat Cave", you gotta stop telling about everything you see!:nono:

    Have a good weekend all!:drinkup:

  3. cadzilla500

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  4. cadzilla500

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    Got my mower adjusted and Gary was right. This things is pretty quick, and seems to do a good job. I can't wait until spring so I can put it to good use.
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    Pics pics:)

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