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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by humble1, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. brizine

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    What made you go ground logic over the zspray jr36R you were looking at? Coming from permagreen magnums and going to zsprays, I can't imagine ever going back to that style machine.

  2. Efficiency

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    Andy brought their 36r to us and it's a killer machine. We didn't like a couple things even thought we love their organization and people. 1, no caster locks. 2, no sight line for refilling tank - my manager asked if we might puncture it if we hit something hard enough since it's on the bottom. Maybe. 3rd and biggest concern, 3 lever spray system is either outside two on and middle off or vice versa based on which nozzles you want to control. My manager and I both forsaw employees running all 3 down and burning lawns since that's how our larger zsprays are ran... I asked the to change it they are pretty committed to leaving it as is. It's a great machine, arguably nicer than any of their competitors, but we need an idiot proof machine with little to no learning curve and we think that is th GL.
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  3. turf hokie

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    To continue the hijacking....

    I hate the pg, (have had 4) and run z sprays but as I look to expand I feel that I need a unit that is more conducive to being a "fleet" machine like some others on here have said.

    are you guys running the larger or smaller GL?
    are you getting the spray bar or just the single nozzle option?

    I found the single nozzle on the PG was severely lacking in coverage.

  4. americanlawn

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    Congrats on your T3000i, but taking that long to ship is inexcusable (even if you don't need it right away). On the other hand, TURFCO "shuts down" for a couple weeks during the holidays. Did you call them or email them during this period? Reason is, we get through right away one way or the other. Parts = "within 24 hours", phones always answered.

    Now here's some stuff guys may want to know about the T3000:

    Demoed & ordered the 1st T3000 fall 2007 (7 months before they were available).
    Took possession of the 1st production model T3000 in early April, 2008.
    Ditched our 2 PG Ultras a.s.a.p.
    Drove 500 miles to try all sizes of Z's cuz we needed to expand.
    Largest (friendly) local competitor then sold their (several) Z's in favor of purchasing six T3000's.

    We run three T3000's on a daily basis (09, 2010 models). No electric start. No extra tanks. No boom. Just your standard (base model) T3000. Our 2013 production results approached $200,000 per T-man/one truck (not bad for corn country Iowa).

    Not trying to sell anything to anybody. Ground Logic & Z-Sprays would be my favorites if you're not running a T.

    1) T3000i
    2) Ground logic (similar to a PG)
    2) Z (really doesn't matter what size)

    Final note: "carrier racks". You would not believe the number of people who have inquired about our stand-on spreader/sprayer "carrier racks". T-guys, Z-guys, etc. Just do a search on this site for "dual receiver" or "twin receiver" racks. Good money spent IMO. (we hate pulling trailers if we don't have to)

  5. ted putnam

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    We all know who that is. I wonder if it has to do with dissatisfaction with it or drop off in business for the buyer or both.

    What do you think? Replacement of supplier...or...eventual sell off of assets?

    .......as long as we are still hijacking! sorry
  6. Efficiency

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    From what I'm lead to believe, the z guys are helping fill a void (hint, hint)

    I've started seeing full size z sprays on racks behind Isuzu trucks fairly often.
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  7. ted putnam

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    Well I can tell you one thing. The guys at LT Rich must be extremely busy.I've gotten their voicemail for sales and parts the last 2 days but didn't leave a message thinking I would get someone the next time I called. I called a total of 4 times over 2 days while I got sidetracked on other projects in between.

    I called them at 8:03 AM today and got a person. Called back 15 minutes later with a slight change in my order and got voicemail again. They called me 15 minutes after I left a message.

    They must be getting slammed with business. That's never happened to me with them before.
  8. RodneyK

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    They were closed for two days because of a snow storm.
  9. rcreech

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    We hired an ex veteran of that company and he knew the guys that ran them. he said they didn't like them so it doesn't surprise me much.
  10. sprayboy

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    Congats and hope you enjoy, keep us updated on comparison.

    I heard a rumor their biggest client isn't continuing to buy t3000s.

    I never see t's on any major company's trucks around here so I am not sure who you guys are talking about. Is Larry selling his t's.

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