Just got robbed. Any of y'all using gps tracking??????

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by stankers, Feb 6, 2015.

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    Gpsandtrack.com $150 for unit and 1 year of service. $20 a year after.
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    Well..its been a long time but my stolen mower will finally be paid off in April. You can look in my signature to see what was stolen. ALL the equipment in my signature was stolen. Nothing was recovered. I got 2500 bucks back from my homeowners policy, but that didn't even begin to cover anything. Lesson learned. I had General Liability for the biz but did not have the "Inland Marine" rider for stolen equipment coverage. It was about a $20k mistake for me that I am finally going to have behind me. It killed me EVERY month I made the payment and puts me in a foul mood to this day just thinking about it. They didn't just steal my equipment....they caused me stress, affected my credit. They also stole a LOT of time from me and my family because that ZTR was bought to become more efficient, and they stole my health because I have had to continue doing the work with lesser equipment, walk behind, velke when possible. Don't think it can happen to you?? THINK AGAIN. Just thought Id post this for others to see and learn from. I have zero tolerance for thieves...Zero!! There is my rant for the morning.
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