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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wooley99, Nov 13, 2007.

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    This is just a general rant. Feel free to ignore.

    My antique Toro is out of whack again. I bought a 1997 Toro 37" WB this summer. In July the fuse kept blowing and I couldn't keep the blades turning. Eventually I gave up trying to troubleshoot it and took it to the dealer. 6 weeks and $600 later I got it back with a new stator, spindle and misc other electrical parts. It lasted almost 1 minute on my front lawn and then back to the dealer for another week and $300 for a new electric clutch. Well now I've spent more than I paid for it and have more in it than it's worth but at least it's back and just in time too. The new Z I bought so I wouldn't die in the heat while the Toro was kaput isn't set up to mulch and leaf time is coming I thought. I used it a grand total of 6 times and Sunday after mulching leaves in my yard the blades won't shut off. Well at least this is a new problem :dizzy: I posted a thread in the MX forum, got a hint and spent yesterday afternoon playing with the multi-meter. A relay (Toro part #63-7590) is bad. I tried the Bosch part number online and the only hit is a site in Italy which judging by the pictures sells bus parts. I tried the auto parts store for a cross match. No joy. Now I can either get the little sucker on-line for $30 with shipping or go back to the Toro dealer. In the past every time I order Toro parts they have to bring some old dude out of retirement to make them by hand. About 3 weeks later if I'm lucky the part shows up. If I've ordered more than one part some of the parts show up.

    My wife hates the red bugger and thinks I'm an idiot for: 1. Buying it 2. Starting a mowing business 3. Various other things.

    The bad part is I actually like the thing when it's a working mower.

    Oh well. Another day in paradise I guess.
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    Forget that, aren't most relays the same?
    Yeah I know they play the fancy parts number game, but just for kicks why don't you try pulling one out of your car and see if it fits and works? Then if it does you simply buy one for your car, thou it'll still cost you around 20, they're not cheap, none of them are.
    Then again maybe you don't need a/c right now, do you?
    That's what I would do if I was hard up, pull the car's a/c relay and see if it works, buy replacement late next spring, got nothing to lose.

    Yes I'm pretty sure they're interchangeable, I am sure at least some are, I just never actually tried it.
    Make sure a/c is the only thing you're out of thou.
    Also try Napa.

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