Just had half a lung removed.

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by emerald lawns, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Just had half a lung removed due to colon cancer and not interested in breathing metal grindings in anymore! Need a consistant, reliable and fast blade sharpener. We run all types of mowers and blades (Walker, Exmark, Ventrac.....) What does everyone recommend and have you been happy with yours. Live in Canada so we take a 30% hit on exchange rates.

    Thanks and On the mend.....

  2. Eric502

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    Well, honestly.... all of them are going to put something off into the air. So it might be cheaper to wear a 3M mask with replaceable filters like found at Lowes for $40 versus a new sharpener or a big fancy air draft duct machine.

    That said... I have a Magna Matic 8000 and love it. It will do any blade imaginable and it will do it quick (once the bevel is established). It is easy to adjust, to change from wavy to flat blade configurations and it has an attachment to connect it to a shop vac to help with some airborne contaminants.
  3. Charles

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    Colon cancer that moved to your lungs? That could have any number of causes. Yea metal dust can't be good for us anyway
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    My understanding is that the iron oxide is fine, as the body can absorb it. High carbon steel dust isn't that bad for those of us with fully functional lungs. There are odd steel alloys with bad things like manganese and cobalt (manganese is often encountered by railroad workers grinding welds on and cutting rail switch frogs for example), but none of that would be in a blade. The abrasive may be worse than the metal yet not all that bad, and the burnt adhesive between the grits, even worse (and the paint off the blade is probably the worst part). Woodworking dust is supposedly far more dangerous, as the finest particles that float in the air are what get deepest into the lungs, whereas grinding dust is largely coarser particles that shoot off in one direction.

    Ask your doctor before putting a respirator mask on. Negative pressure masks cause you to rebreathe a little, and the suction may not be ok for your less than god-given lungs. A PAPR may be a silly level of overkill for metal grinding, but if you want to be absolutely sure you're not breathing in anything...
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    Abrasive dust is not good for the lung tissue, regardless of a body's ability to absorb.

    As others have said, OP, you're approaching the problem from the wrong angle. Rather than change your grinder, you need to talk to your doctors/surgeons, let them know what it is you're doing, and how best to mitigate the risk. You're down a half lung, and your future risk of recurrence is not 0%, so protect what you have.

    Best of luck with your recovery. Hopefully they were able to do a VATS or robotic procedure and your recovery time isn't too bad.
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    I sharpen blades just inside the greenhouse door with the exhaust fan running. Keeps the mosquitoes away as well.
  7. zlandman

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    You know magna-magic sells a vac for sharpeners. I would start with that.
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    My Mag 8000 came w/Shop Vac connector built into stand.

    More concerned about pesticides. Never hooked a Vac up to it but may start
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    Please see our dust collectors, here is a link: https://www.magna-matic-direct.com/Industrial-dust-collection-systems-s/67.htm

    We are the only blade sharpener manufacturer to offer any real dust collection systems for dry grinding lawn mower blades. The unit has 3 stages of filtration. Here is some of the filter information:

    The first stage filter is an aluminum mesh to kill the sparks and stop large particulate.
    MERV 8 rated filters will remove particles 3 to 10 micron in size and larger, which includes most dust and grit.
    MERV 13 rated filters will remove particles 0.3 to 1 micron in size and larger, which includes fine dust and some fumes/smoke.

    Thank you,
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