Just had topsoil & seeding done, will it be ok??

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by kbreese, May 2, 2006.

  1. kbreese

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    We have a newer house and the front was a mess. One side of the driveway was all rocks and dirt so landscapers just brought in top soil and seeded & fertilized.

    Is it too late in the season to be successful?? I really hope not b/c we paid a good amount for it. The temps have been early spring-ish, so I am hoping we will be ok.

    The seed he used was "Rebel Supreme" which I believe is a Fescue blend. I don't know if this is desirable or not. This is our first house and I don't know grasses to be honest. But I can tell you I like a dark green or bluish green look.

    I am on Long island, NY and the temps have been around 60. Today was only like 53, but tommorow supposed to be over 70. We have been keeping it well watered. Not puddles, just moist like you are supposed to.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. gammon landscaping

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    well it should be fine with those temps. the only thing that is hard on seedling grass is to 85+ temps. when it gets over 85 for the day after day, it will be hard on the young grass water provides moisture not temp relief. the water will help some but it gets to 100 i would worry, after the grass becomes established it should be no problem. as the grass grow check the roots by pulling up a sprig or two. if the roots are half as deep as the top, you are getting good root develpment which will help its heat tolarance
  3. jameson

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    Timing is right on target; temps in the 70's are perfect to get that seed germinating! No doubt your landscapers did good prep work used a good top soil and sowed a quality fescue mix. If YOU WATER it, as they instructed you to, you will have a fine lawn in a matter of weeks.

  4. kbreese

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    I have been watering it pretty thoroughly 2X per day. I have been getting up early every morning to go outside and water it about 6:30-6:45am. I am using a manual hose sprinkler to water it for now b/c the IG sprinklers arent getting installed until friday (Bad timing). So I let it go in one spot for 15-20 minutes and than move it and so on. I try and get it so its nice and wet but not forming puddles. Than I water it again when I come home from work between 6:00 and 7:00pm. I am gone all day so I just hope the morning watering keeps it moist enough throughout the day to not have problems. Those two times a day are the best i can do b/c I work too far away to come home at lunch to water it mid-day.

    regarding the seed, is Rebel Supreme a good seed? Is Fescue a good grass? I am clueless with that. The fertilizer he used was Scotts starter fertilizer. As far as the soil, I have no idea if it's quality or not. The Landscaper was Pete Mercado from "Mercado Landscape" they are in Center Moriches.

    One other question, when I am going out to change the sprinkler position and am walking all over the moist soil, sort of compacting it down with my footprints. Is this ok??

    Thanks for the responses guys!
  5. 1MajorTom

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    Although we have never personally used that blend of grass seed, this is what I can tell you about it.

    Blends the best of the Rebel varieties
    Well suited for high traffic areas
    Exceptional heat and drought tolerance
    Low maintenance

    Best Time to Plant: spring and fall (recommended)
    Planting Depth: ¼”
    Germination Time: 7-21 days, depending on climate conditions, soil temperatures and moisture
    Seeding Rate: New Lawns: 8-10 lbs./1,000 sq.ft.; Overseeding: 4-5 lbs./1,000 sq.ft.
    Color: Dark Green
    Texture: Moderately Fine
    Sun Tolerance: High
    Shade Tolerance: Moderate
    Drought Tolerance: High
    Traffic Tolerance: High
    Disease Tolerance: High
    Recommended Mowing Height: 2 ½” – 3"

    As stated above, the key to getting a good stand of grass is the watering!! It will make or break you.

    Water lightly several times per day, until the seedlings have emerged and are approximately 1” in height. The seedlings are very fragile at this point. Once this height has been reached, begin to water thoroughly once a day. Maintain this schedule until the grass has been cut THREE times.
    Grass should be cut for the first time when it has reached 3-4”. Mower blade should be sharp. After the third cutting, water 1-2 times per week, applying a total of 1” of water.
  6. jameson

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    Try an impact sprinkler(s) placed on the edge(s) of seed bed, if needed one or more for larger areas and adjust the throw so there is overlap. This will eliminate walking in seedbed to change the sprinkler position and keep your sneakers clean.


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