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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Clint, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. Clint

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    just helped the biggest landscaping/lawn mowing biz in my city, ( one of their billion crews ;) ) get out of a jam..

    they were mowing the green belt in my neighborhood, luckily i was mowing my last yard right next to it.. i smiled and waved.... a few minutes later i look to the bottom of the green belt and there the z was stuck in some mud, i asked if he needed help and he said yes, so we were trying to wedge things in front of and behind the wheels but no luck, he went and unhooked his trailer and drove the truck over the curb and down to pull out the z, well... he was very smart and got that stuck too.. after working with him for about half an hour, i went and got my dodge ram 4x4 with the big v8 :) gotta love it, roar, and pulled him out.. wish i could taken a pic of his smile when i pulled him out..

    sorry for the long post, is it? but man does it feel good to help another lawn co. out.. especially when your a 1 man crew :p


    p.s. ill run grab some pictures, since my house is walking distance to it
  2. mdb landscaping

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    Thats great you were willing to help a competitor out. Id like to think if i was in a jam, somebody would help me out, especially since i work solo. A fellow LCO's walkbehind ran out of gas on a hill a week ago, and i lent them some gas to get it running. Id like to think that many of the LCO's would return such a favor.
  3. Powerstride

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    That's great!!! I had a local guyaround here stop when I was struggling to do a tire repair. I couldn't get the bead to seal and just ran all the air out of my tank when he drove by. With his help I finished the job and got the durn wb going again.

    It is nice to help a competitor out... a favor I'm hope I'll get to return to someone oneday.

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