Just installed a tonneau cover!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Doogiegh, May 31, 2002.

  1. Doogiegh

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    Hey guys,
    For what it's worth, I just installed an Access Roll-Up cover from Agri-cover inc on my truck, a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab. It is absolutly terrific. Installation took me about 30 minutes to do, start to finish, and I was very skeptical at first. I bought off of www.missgrizz.com, great service, fast and quick shipping. They had the model I need for my truck no problem.

    I like this cover because it rolls up, but as it does, it takes the cross-bars with it. Many soft covers do not. This one does, and it's great. I'm looking forward to using the bed of the truck on weekends for lawn care stuff with the cover rolled up, and during the week, having the cover rolled down for better gas mileage and/or carrying my own personal stuff.

    I'd definatly get one again, and I know there are many choices out there, that for sure.

    Just wanted to let someone know of a very positive purchase. :)
  2. Mykster

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    How about some pictures? What was the price?
  3. Doogiegh

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    Pictures I will post as soon as I get to take a picture. <G>

    The price was $474.

    I would buy a second one, if I had to.

    I didn't want a hard cover cause then if you want to move something big, you have to take the cover off, make sure it doesn't get wrecked while you're not home, transfer the stuff, and then reinstall in..

    I didn't want a soft one with the rails that stay in place, kinda for the same reason.

    This one, the rails roll with it. So far, terrific.

  4. Pro-Cut Lawns

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    Thanks for posting this!! Ive been considering one of these for my F150. Will it lock with a locking tailgate? I couldnt get the link you posted to open. Looks to me like they are the way to go. My Brother has the hard cover on his truck. We took it off and his gas mileage dropped 3 miles to a gallon. He put it back on really quick. I too would like the roll up cause you can use the open bed better. I have an aluminum topper but visibility is bad pulling a trailer so I took it off and put my tool box back on. Thanks again for the info.
  5. Doogiegh

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    Let's try that again. The link I wrote has an extra comma in it (doesn't belong there), so you are right, it doesn't open.



    I got the limited edition access roll up cover, and it's working out great. Used it this saturday (rolled the top back to do some lawn cutting jobs so my gear fits in the bed), did the jobs, blew the bed out of any debris or clippings, and then closed the cover back up.

    Yes, the cover will work with a locking tailgate if you have one of those. When you drop the tailgate, you pull on a cord on the driver side. That releases a latch of sorts so that you can begin to roll the cover up. As you roll the cover up, just as you would a pool cover or a tent, the rails that are in a fixed location on most soft covers roll up with it, so you have full access to your bed.

    I also washed my truck right after I installed it to see how it would do. I got a couple of drops in 1 corner and I'm talking like 1/4 of a can of soda.. If a soda is a 12 ounce can, I'm talking like 3 ounces. I didn't think that was too bad at all, being I was trying to see if it leaks on purpose.. <G>

    As I mentioned, missgrizz was a great site to buy from, I'd get one again if I had/needed to.

    Any questions, let me know.

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