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    Hello all, my name is Hugh. I have been cutting semi-commercially for about 4-5 years now. I started with my Sears garden tractors, and this year took the plunge when I picked up a (lightly) used Scag walk behind. I average 4-6 lawns per week, in addition to the 40hrs I put it at the local mower shop. In addition to the Scag, I run a Stihl KM130R, and an Echo backpack leaf blower. As said, I work at a mower shop, selling John Deere, Gravely, Stihl, and others. I like to make stripes, and am pretty meticulous about making a lawn look good. I hope to learn about how to efficiently run my small business and how to improve my product. Thanks for having me.
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    Welcome to Lawn site. Feel free to look around but don't touch! You'll only get your computer monitor dirty. LOL.

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