Just Joined- Need advice on Commercial 21s

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Church2224, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. dvgross

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    I ended up buying the Exmark 21" x series on Friday, 6/16. Was not happy with the cut. Called the rep, and he said that I need to put the older style blades on, and said it will fix everything. I'll let you know, but right now am having buyers remorse.
  2. HLM HustlerZ

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    We bought a 21 X series back in April and love it so far. Mainly cut small "postage" stamp lawns with it and backyards that have a 30 inch gate. Love the mower, great Kawi engine and like others have said it's built like a tank.

    In the last 3 yrs. we've owned a Toro recycler 22 and a John Deere 22 both of which we sold after buying the Exmark back in April. Neither Toro or JD could bag like the X series 21, not even close to cut quality.

    Hustler just came out with a brand new commercial 21 or 22 inch mower that's really heavy-duty but I haven't talked to anyone who's ran one yet. Just my .02
  3. joed

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    I have a 2008 exmark metro 21" and I like it. I just recently demoed the newer style post 2010 exmark 21". It was built really well but the cut quality wasn't as good as my exmark metro. One mower I have that has really surprised me is my toro superbagger. I bought it this year for bagging spring growth. I've been surprised at well the cut quality is and how good it bags, mulches, and side-discharges. I know it's a residential unit but it mulches better than the exmark 21".
  4. sulz

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    FYI I had a JX 75. It was shot so I bought an Exmark 21 S. it's simple .......no bbc no throttle. I thought I might miss the bbc, but I don't. With the mower running, I just loosely fitted a zip tie around the handle/ blade engage so that if I step away it keeps running. But, the zip tie is loose enough to slide it out of the way off to either side if I do want to kill the mower. Yeah, a little unsafe if u have kids around or something, but works for me and it's one less thing to wear out. Don't miss the throttle either.

    I loved that JX 75. Used to do commercial stuff, now just an homeowner who wanted a nice mower. Haven't had the exmark long, but so far I love the exmark. Cuts higher too......4.5".
  5. Fahzu

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    Love my Hondas. On my second. Minimal repairs and when they've been needed the parts are pretty affordable.
  6. zacher

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    I love my honda mowers. have two as well. Both only deal with carb cleaning never had a big issue. HOWEVER, whats the MSRP on that exmark? I just checked out their website. I knew most companies were making the switch but I didnt know why until I just watched their youtube video. hhaha I guess they really sold me.
  7. Church2224

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    Since starting this thread I now have two Exmark Commercial 21s, an S series and an X Series Kawi with the BBC. The s series was 1k and the X Series was 1,249. Honestly, they are the best push mowers I have ever used. They leave an EXCELLENT cut and are built like tanks. Mulching is decent, bagging is incredible.
  8. Southern Lawn Care  LLC

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    I use the commercial 21 exmark pusher and I love it. If no issues with it at all. Bags amazing!
  9. Utah Lawn Care

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    We just bought our second Exmark 30. They are treating us well. We just have to remind our clients not to water their lawns the night before we come. Wet grass can be a nightmare. Have any of you with both 30's and an Exmark 21 noticed the 21's mulching wet grass better?

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  10. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Since when is the Toro 30" not a commercial model? Are you talking about the Time Master? I have a 30" Toro and it is IN FACT a commercial mower. Click on Toro's web page, look at the tab at the top, and tell me what it says?


    Here's the "Commercial" Toro 30" in the background.


    And yes, it's built like a tank. The wheels are excellent, the cut quality is beyond EXCELLENT, the Kawi engine is great, and the nice, simple, and quick heavy duty height adjustment is my favorite. :laugh:

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