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I once replied to a posting here about ways to get new contracts. I said I target seniors and I was going to a local senior's bazzarr where I had a 6 foot table to sell my service. I cut a piece of wood to fit the table then went to the local sod farm and laid the sod on the wood (giving the appearance of a freshly cut lawn) I gave away flowers with my business card attached and had many pictures of customers that I already do. They loved my display it was by far the best one there. I had forms for them to fill out requesting an estimate for spring 2001. I really had no idea what the turn out would be but, in 4 hours I had over 40 requests for an estimate. I have already done about 25 of them (they were in my area)and 20 of them singed the contract on the spot! WOW! I am on cloud nine. It's not even the end of the year and I have 20 New Contracts for next year! My advertising costs will be so much lower next year. My total cost for the bazzarr was about $100 (flowers ran me $50) Where else can you do this and get such a responce? And the good thing is all these Seniors live close to where I already mow. I will say it again check this out folks it's worth it!

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Good job New Lawn :)
Thanks for sharing your good idea.


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Not to be pesamistic but.... 20 new seniors..... have fun! I am working to get rid of all my senior costomers because 98 percent of them are cheap and expect 100 bucks worth of work for there 25 dollars. Most that I have worked for also strongly beleave that they are my only costomer and that i should put everyone else aside to run over and plant a new bagonia they just bought from home depot. Even though i have had nothing but negative experiences working for seniors hopefully it will work out better for you! best of luck!


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I'll have to agree with Evan on this one. Yes, I have some nice senoir customers. But most can be very trying. They think that your just waiting at home doing nothing , and should jump at their phone call.


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Lets not knock the seniors, cause we will be there someday.(LOL) Some of them are ok to work for, and I am sure that New Lawn will drop them if they try to fannagle him. I have worked for some of them that are pretty bad and learned that they aren't the ones that I cater to the most. I treat them like anyone that I would. Business is Business.


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Seniors, or non seniors, it is still a fine example of great marketing!

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