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    How many of you guys out there only do landscape lighting. I have been in the landscape business for years and have never done any lighting...but am fascinated by landscape lighting. I think I would much more enjoy designing and installing lighting systems over plant install/maint. How did you guys break away from landscaping and go into lighting. What are some good educational/certification resourses for someone like me.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Just lighting is a tough road to get to. It does not happen soon enough.
    I have been a landscape architect and assistant professor of Horticulture for 14 years. I started adding lights to my designs, trying to find qualified contractors to install. It was not ez. I started doing my own install and now I only do lighting (and still teach of course).

    I attend a lot of seminars: advanced design, trouble shooting, sales and marketing, and new product presentations. I started with Vista Lighting and now I incorporate many brands to get the desired effect that I am after.

    Sign up for some Basic seminars. Go into a John Deere Landscapes Supply, Horizon or who ever is in your area and ask about seminars. Vista gives a general intro course that is very nice and they do not toot their own horn during the class. It is basic, and you can take that info and go anywhere else you want. No brain washing. Check out their website: www.vistapro.com.....You can find seminars listed under training.

    Over all, I have been very happy with their service and product.
    They have field reps all over. My rep is Anthony Italia (North East Area).
    He has helped me through many difficulties.

    Good Luck.........


    p.s. Remember this.....No Short Cuts!! :nono: Do everything as you would for your own house.
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    There are some successful guys who are dedicated L Light only but they are a rare breed. If you notice some here that say they are L Light only spend an awful lot of time here so you can only summise they are not that busy.:cry: :dizzy:
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    We teach what is known as Unique University's all over the country and at our factory. We have been teaching these courses for over 10 years and some of the guys you meet on Lawnsite were introduced to lighting through our seminars. Like all competitors classes we will show you how our products can make installs eaiser but this is not a product seminar, it is a technical installation and troubleshooting seminar. You can adapt any product to the system we teach. Check it out. I am sure some of the guys here can tell you that our class is a great class to attend when getting rolling. Let me know if you want more info, we even can do a 1 on 1 training if we dont have a class going on right away!!!

    My contact info is below!

    Joey D.
  5. pete scalia

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    They don't come much better. It's the best training in the business.
  6. Jesse L

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    I know some of these guys who are lighting only in my area, and I believe one of the reasons that they may be able to communicate on this forum at their leisure is because they have other people working in the field for them. I am also lighting only, and although I am not as qualified as some I do make a good living with a couple of installs per week. Servicing and estimates has me in and out of my home office all day. This business does make for a really wierd schedule.
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    I started in 1999 doing only Landscape Lighting on a part time basis. ( I had a day job with BOC Gasses). After a year or so I went full time into Landscape Lighting. After a Year or so of that I started incorporating full scale Architectural outdoor lighting into my business. After about 3 years of that I decided that 5 months off in winter was not viable in the long term, so I went inside and launched my interior lighting design business.

    Now we do landscapes, architectural outdoor, residential interiors, commercial signs and facades, and commercial interiors... but still a 100% lighting only company.
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    Our company is lighting only and I got into this business by way of my former electrical company. It took us a couple of years to become firmly planted so as not to have to depend on my electrical work to fill in the soft spots. I currently have 6 full time employees for installation and service which allows me the time to do design and sales. It also allows me time to try to help others in this business by way of teaching classes and participating in forums like this one.

    All-in-all, we have have a very good business.
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    You may be in a good position to move into the lighting business, because you already have an existing connection to the market through your landscaping business. This also gives you an exisitng customer base to tap in to.
    I'm lighting only, but I'm partnered with a landscape company. I worked for a few years in the supply side of the industry and sold a lot of lighting to contractors who had no clue how to install it. I saw so many bad sytems, and what I considered bad designs (the black bullet light with a 20 watt MR-16 BAB is not the only uplight in existence!). I had become friends with the owner of a large design-build company, but they did little-to-no lighting. I left supply and went to work for him; six months later we formed a seperate company as partners that is strictly lighting. I do all of the lighting for his landscape company, as well as lighting for other contractors (pool guys have been a good source of work). Partnering with the landscape company is what allowed me to create a small portfolia of some nice jobs. I then used it to go out and market to designers, general contrators, and the afore mentioned pool contractors. It has taken a couple of years to build the lighting company in to a nice business, but it is really worth it, and I've gotten some nice referral jobs this year from previous customers.

    Design and installation are two big keys to your success if you want to make the change. I've been told Unique's seminars are good. I've attended Nightscaping University, done classes with Vista and FX at their respective factories, as well as field classes/demos. Most of the suppliers will have seminar info and sales rep info to help you see the light. (Okay, bad pun!) Seriously, there is tons of info available, all you have to do is ask.

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