Just lost 18 properties..Thats great!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Big Salmon, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Big Salmon

    Big Salmon LawnSite Member
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    Just found out yesterday that the management company that I have mowed for the past 3 seasons(=2600 per month) decided to purchase their own equipment and have the mantenence guys and a few scab helpers do the lawns this year. He swore that he would have us back becuse he loved the work we did for him. This was in early March. I told him about insurance, workers comp, maintenece on machinry ETC.. and he started to wonder what the heck he had gotten into. he is goint to try it for a year and then see what happens he told me. I am now drinking out of control to make this a funny situation. Thats all I can do. Moral of the story is...Dont put your eggs in one basket with commercial, and property manangement companies. Thank god I have a great residential base that will get me through this crap...I just had to vent:hammerhead:
  2. sheshovel

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    Sorry to hear that Big Salmon...think of it this way..it will free you up for more business and more exposure that comes with new business.
  3. NNJLandman

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    Sorry to hear about that man, im sure it hurts, if you were closer id buy ya a round.

  4. promower

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    Its always hard losing a big account. Like you said dont let one account be to big of a percentage of your income. Once you sleep off your hang over get out there and find some new work.:drinkup:
  5. Big Salmon

    Big Salmon LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the support you guys...pbr me asap...bottoms up
  6. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Big Salmon, 2 years ago I lost 18 out of 24 accounts in less than a six week period:cry: , about the time I found lawn site so I feel your pain. I liked to have went under as mine mostly were not 25 dollar accounts. I have never quite recovered from it but Im hammering away at it. Good luck to you, and like sheshovel says you know have time to get some more. If this property manager takes you back next year I would have a nice little increase for them.
  7. olderthandirt

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    Business is business and you know what you did wrong
  8. Big Salmon

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    Ya, a few bucks. You should see some of these properties. Multiple steep banks, next to parking lots....many areas very dangerous to the novice operator. I feel bad for the scabs that are, or may injure themselves on these properties. There are some steep hills right next to the apartment units. I have been on every kind of terain in the last 15 years and some of these are the worst you gan get. I just hope nobody gets hurt!
  9. Big Salmon

    Big Salmon LawnSite Member
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    Hey older,
    What did i do wrong?
  10. sheshovel

    sheshovel LawnSite Fanatic
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    You diden't have them under contract I think he means

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