Just measured commerrrcial job. Need price help.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brentsawyer, Dec 13, 2001.

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    Heres the scoop. I have been doing residential properities only up until now. I have also always been solo but I will hire one helper to weed, edge, blow and use 52" WB and 36" WB. I just bought a 52" Turf TIger and don't know how fast it will mow in normal spring/summer mowing. I am accustomed to running 52"WB as primary mower in average $30 yards and making $50/hr. I live in Lexington, KY.

    I just measured a property that is approx. 2.44 acres (grass). I inclued 10% fudge factor. I divided it up as 1.4 acres easy/field mowing, .87 acres moderate with some trees, .17 acres hard, detailed mowing. It also has 2672' total of edging of sidewalks and curbs.

    I need a price for mowing and fertilizing, I came up with $116 for mowing, $178 for fertilizing from some formulas found here, seems low. I also need a price if anyone can help with the parking lot, it is 1.7 acres. I don't have to plow this winter, however next winter, I hope to..

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    I'm sorry, Brent. There's just no way it can be done, without seeing it. We have no idea what you're using on it, you're operating expenses, the distance traveled, etc.. There's just no way of telling. It's different for everyone.
  3. brentsawyer

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    Forget operating expenses, all equip paid for except truck, besides, I feel that is an interior cost and has nothing to do with pricing. Travel time is covered because I was given price currently paid by another commercial job down the street @$406/month. I think that I can cover $8-10,000 on the two. I just need a rough estimate at what others would charge, like I said, I'm new to commercial mowing and have stayed away until now because I didn't have the time to devote full time. Just picture a fairly flat landsacpe with little hills, less than 10' and shoot some #'s at me.


  4. 65hoss

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    Guestimate sight unseen:
    2 people take about 1.5 hrs tops.

    Other services possible
    Mulch work: $65 per yard needed
    Time for shrubs
    sale them aeration
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    Sorry Brent... I just don't see the logic in asking folks on here to price a job for you..
    Without going into a big speel here... Use numbers from other properties you mow... should give ya a good idea of the time it will take you.. you know your expences and what the approx going rate is in your area.. times your hourly rate by how long it will take.. you did not mention any shrub beds etc.. will there be weeding and pruning?
    Sort of scares me when folks say..my equipment is payed for... Hope your recovering money each hour to replace it when it's life is over... good luck with the bid .
  6. Randy Scott

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    "Forget operating expenses, all equip paid for except truck, besides, I feel that is an interior cost and has nothing to do with pricing"

    Uuuh, what? I am not sure on what you mean here. Please explain. Will this equipment last forever? You think your operating costs have nothing to do with pricing? Please explain how this works.
  7. kris

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    easy man ... lol

    oh ok... i see you did a edit..lmao
  8. lost mountain

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    Take your 2.44 acres = 43,560 sq. ft. and then divide that by one of your residential properties - maybe you have one that's 15,000 sq. ft of turf or 10,000 or whatever.... 43,560 divided by 15,000 = 2.904 X what you charge on the 15,000 sq. ft. job per visit

    You have some gauge from that math and then you can adjust because you're the one who's seen the property and it's particulars (like the edging, parking lot, etc.) and also you might need to adjust for a "bulk discount" because it's so big but maybe you don't.
  9. kutnkru

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    Okay. I will humor you -LOL!!! Heres some basic figures for you to use as food for thought:

    MOWING $202
    62m/sf $1.50/m = $93
    38m/sf $2.00/m = $76
    08m/sf $3.75/m = $30

    EDGING $21.00
    $0.75 per 100/lf = $21

    BACK-PACKS $7.00
    1/3 cost of Trimming & Edging services

    Total Mowing Price = $230

    For your fert you could either charge them per acre according to your homeowners rates ($3.64/m) or $1.89/m sf based on multiple acreage sites.

    If you broke it down according to a homeowners rate it would be (2) 44m/sf apps at $162 and (1) 17m/sf app at $70 for a combined total of $292 for 2.44 acres.

    On the other hand if you are dealing with a tighter budget you could price this site Commercially at 1.89/m sf for a total of $204.12.

    Hope this helps start them wheels a churnin' -LOL!!!
  10. brentsawyer

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    Before some of you slander me or others, try reading the entire post. I said that I JUST bought a Scag Turf Tiger and have soloed my entire life for the second time. New equipment=??TIME. Get it, Got it??? Thanks those who actually added something to the post.

    PS I or anyone else can't apply a 10,000 sq/ft residential lawn using WB and apply it to a 2 1/2 acre property using ZTR's. Ever heard of Economies of Scale

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