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Just moved to Nashville area...Help!

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by new2nash, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. new2nash

    new2nash LawnSite Member
    Messages: 32

    After 16 years of landscaping/mowing (both as a self-operated one-man operation and running multiple trucks) in Pennsylvania, I purchased a large property in Sumner Co., TN about a month ago with the intention of re-starting my business here in spring as a one-man operation (at first anyway). I have a Bobcat loader, 60" Xmark zero-turn rider, and 48"/36" walkbehinds.

    Obviously, this is a completely different ballgame in Nashville compared to PA Any tips to help me get started? I figure I need around 75 steady weekly mowing accounts plus landscaping/ pruning, etc. My main concerns are:

    Do you have to bag grass here? I stopped bagging years ago in PA and hate the idea of having to go back to it. Does anyone on here successfully NOT bag clippings?

    I noticed a lot of brown (dormant-looking) grass toward the end of summer right next to green lawns. I assume the brown stuff is Bermuda and other southern grasses? Will I have a longer mowing season if I avoid those types of lawns or does it keep growing even though it looks deader than a doornail? The property I purchased has very green grass even now.

    Is it reasonable to service an area encompassing Goodlettsville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet, Ashland City or should I scale that back. I figured a larger area the first year might be necessary.

    When should I start my massive advertising campaign? (massive= 500 flyers and a donkey walking up and down Broadway wearing a banner)

    How come everbody talks funny here? You'ns guys don't talk nuthin' like dey do back home in da 'burgh.

    If anyone can shed any light on these issues I'd be extremely grateful...not grateful enough to dethatch your lawn for free but maybe at a hefty discount :)
  2. midtnstone

    midtnstone LawnSite Member
    from mid tn
    Messages: 76

    the brown grass could also be zoysia as far as servicing all those areas i think i would narrow my area down, if it was me i try to stay in fraklin, brentwood, belle mead because that is where all the money is. let me know if i can help you with anything

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