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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by James&Jameslco, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. James&Jameslco

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    hi folks what a great site.i have a question for you lcos. is it possible to start out by just mowing trimming blowing and not edging mulching etc reason i ask is this i plan on buying a new 52" walk behind and an enclosed 6by10 trailer this fall and will be towing this with a jeep until i can afford a truck.so theres no way of hauling removed debris from sites.i plan on subbing out the spraying so thats not a problem.is there very much call for just mowing? thanks alot for all the great advice james&james :)
  2. shepoutside

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    You can and many do just that, just you need to be good & Fast, as in general, there is a tighter market, and more cheaper competition for this. I just sold my business last year, and stumbled on a cutting only contract with the Region, and now I just cut, and all I own is what you see below. Be smart, and grow with your business.
  3. Likestomow

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    Who is the "other" James?
  4. James&Jameslco

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    thanks shepoutside for the reply.my only goal starting up is to pay for the mower and trailer and expences along the way.i have other income so theres no big rush to get big rightaway. likestomow the "other" James is my son.
  5. HighGrass

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    I started out with a Lazer HP, one trimmer and a hand blower. I don't have much more than that now and have close to 40 accounts (and climbing). I took a survey and found that only about 1% of my customers want any edging. SO it's just mowing for me. I'm happy with that for now.

    Later, I might expand a little but for now getting my customer base up there is what I'm striving for.
  6. The mayor

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    I have quite a few accounts that just want the mow and blow. They are not cheap people. One told me he hates to mow but enjoys doing other yard work. Fine by me, I get paid every month. :D
  7. DownSouth

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    some people like there lawns looking really nice and want you to edge especially..i bought a pretty cheap gas edger last summer and its been well worth it to me..ive met some people who give me 5 extra bucks just for edging weekly or bi-weekly(these are all pretty small areas to edge)
  8. topsites

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    Yes you can do that plus you get a little money and you buy a hedge trimmer which is little debris if you MUST haul it, then you can buy shovels and do some planting and there is a TON of work doesn't involve actual hauling because:

    At the end of the year, the IRS will ask you:
    Is your vehicle for hire? (taxicab, limousine, hauling)

    And this opens up a whole new taxbracket for you, hence why it's better to not even consider hauling. My main problem with it has been that nobody wants to pay 120 dollars for a 6x12 trailer full to be hauled and that's BS because that's 5 cu./yds. AND the commercial dump charges a 40-dollar fee for going through the gate (includes up to a certain amount of debris, but it goes up quick). And in my county, don't even THINK of using the residential county dump if you're doing things commercial, they will bust your tail with a 1000-dollar fine and 12 mos. in the funhouse.

    And remember, whatever you load has to be UNloaded, too. Do not fool yourself into thinking a 6x10 only takes a few minutes to unload. My 6x12 takes at LEAST 10 minutes and can take as much as 45 minutes once you've pulled up and lowered the gate, nevermind time spent driving. The ONLY way it can be profitable is if you have a lot of land, now I got a 1 acre lot but that is not enough to absorb 20, 30, 40 and 50 trailer-loads/year, you need more like 10+ acres.

    A wheelbarrow, rakes and a 10-tine pitchfork are great tools, too. As is the lopper, a chainsaw (for big branches the hedgetrimmer can't whack and little tiny trees ONLY), lessee what else I got? Oh yeah, get a 120lb. spreader so you can lime, fert. + seed and a core aerator is good (but expensive).

    You CAN survive doing *just* grass-cutting but it's harder, IMO. Still if you're just starting out then that might be the ticket, and yes there are actually a few large companies that's all they do: grass cut.
  9. lawnprosteveo

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    A big part of my mowing is just mowing....nothing fancy. They just want it mowed/trimmed/blowed.....I dont bag, I dont mulch anymore. I even have some customers that want me to skip trimming every other week. Works for me, works for them....they arent trying to be in better homes and gardens...
  10. GLC51

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    Your missing out on a lot of work if you choose to limit yourself to just mowing. I also prune, trim hedges & shrubs, plant, weed gardens, clean ups in spring and fall , cut down trees ( as long as they aren't too big or might hit something ), overseed, dethatch, etc. Customers ask for things to be done, if you say you don't do that, they get someone else, maybe another guy, that gives them a foot in the door and maybe your lawn cut is gone next year. I realize you can't do everything ( I don't spray pesticides I let someone else handle that crap) besides they are going to have it all banned soon a lot of other cities have already banned it. Anyway back to the point, I started just cutting lawns but was always looking for the extras, makes you more valuable to the customer if they can get you to do it all. If they like the job you do they are more likely to get you to do more and you make more money.

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