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that just want mowing. I don't have a liscence for chem. and don't know anything about it at this point. I just want to mow, clean-up, trim, etc..... Will I find clients? How many customers do you guys have that DO NOT take pesticides and ferts?<br>

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StarCity, You will find a lot of customers that don't fertilize and some don't even kill their weeds. There are also all those customers of the companies that only put down chemicals that need mowing. Some prefer to do it themselves. You will find plenty of customers that just want mowing done.


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Is the Pope Catholic?!!<p>Call 2 or 3 local fertilizer/weed control companies and tell them your story. You'll have more work than you can handle.<p>You still need to play your cards right, charge a lot and don't take every customer.


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You should have no problems, esp if you are near an urban area. I have found that older (read: elderly) homeowners in the city are more apt to just want a mow blow and go treatment than their counterparts in the 'burbs.<p>Bill<p>----------<br>&quot;...half my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair.&quot; R.L.<br>