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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Raider, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Earlier this week I asked for help on a bid for a "Hud Housing" apartment complex and many of you were very helpful, thanks again. Today I am talking to the property manager and he explained the process and how it goes to a board and they make the decision. The head of the board just happens to be the woman attorney that represented my ex-wife in our divorce!!!! If I recall correctly I called her a "suit wearing DIKE" in an out of court meeting when things got kind of heated. I am going to guess I won't be getting this bid!
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    HUD requires all properties to take the lowest bid. The only way you may get a bid would be if the manager can hide any lower bids, or push enough for you. I lost a property that I serviced for 170+ per cut, to a lowballer at $50 per cut. Property manager knows he's getting what he pays for, but b/c he HAS to take the lowest bid, they signed the lowballer.
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    This story just got a lot better!!!! I got the bid, plus two other sites, one larger and one smaller. Evidently I was the only one that submitted a bid that had insurance, tax ID #, and workers comp paperwork ready to go. We are in a town of around 10,000 people so there are not a lot of legit operators. I run all three of my business' through the same policy for insurance and workers comp so I have it year round all of the time. I still have reservations about the job but I will give it a try for a year. Thanks again for others that responded to previous thread helping with bid.

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    That is FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!! Sounds like something I'd do.

    Glad you got the bid!

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