Just one of "those" days

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobcat_ron, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. bobcat_ron

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    I need to rant for awhile, my blood pressure is up and I need to vent.

    I got called to a demo job this morning, get there on time, start breaking a wall and start on a huge concrete slab inside a rather stinky silage bunker.
    Half way through, I stop to confirm what the plan is (farmers change their minds by the minute, so it helps to stay up to date) as I get back in the machine, I notice oil coming out of the hammer shroud. OK, no big deal, check the fittings and tighten.
    I get back to work, 10 minutes later, there is pool of oil now dripping out of the hammer. Not good.
    I curl the hammer into the travel position and run the oil flow. It's just squirting out of the hammer casing, right below the in/out line ports, right in the area where a valve sits to control the incoming oil pressure.

    Oh sh*t.

    I check the 6 socket head cap bolts, none have moved, all the paint is still intact on the heads and there is no paint chipping. As I shut off the engine, I hear a very quiet hissing noise, then I see some bubbles of red oil, and then the hissing gets louder and faster.

    Holy sh*t.

    I start throwing rocks at it at this point. I make a quick phone call to a mechanic who rebuilds these hammers, he told me to buy a new hammer, boy, you are S-C-R-E-W-E-D.
    Now I already need a new hammer point and lower bushings, cost is $1500, and now it looks like it needs a whole new upper rebuild with new seals.

    One problem, the Korean company that built this hammer has pulled out of North America and they cannot be reached or contacted anymore.

    Oh firetruck.

    Now the fun begins.................................
    I rent a hammer from Bobcat Country, not the hammer I thought it would be, what a pile of dog sh*t, I need 85% of max. throttle to run the damn thing, and it vibrates harder than a lonely girl's "massage device" on a Friday night.

    20 minutes into the (somewhat pleasurable) vibrations, I notice a massive oil leak from the hydraulic couplers on the loader.


    The insane amount of back pressure that these firetrucking Boobcrap hammers develop, blew out their own hydraulic coupler. So I get it replaced. Now I get the job done, barely, some of the thicker concrete I left alone, it's just too much for it to handle. Now the customer wants a "price reduction" for the 3 hour job that turned into 6 hour job.

    I need a beer.

    And a hug.

    This was the Boobcrap hammer in 6 inches of concrete, sounds like a machine gun:

    This is what mine does to 10 inch concrete:
  2. Junior M

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    you shouldnt have to discount the price one bit its not your fault the stuff broke but you have probably read my rant... it was one of "those" days to!! haha
  3. Nel-Martin

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    from ON
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    what is your kittycraps attachment no good ?? ha ha ha
  4. bobcat_ron

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    These hammers have a life of 6 years, mine made it to 5 1/2 years, and 1 nitrogen recharge since then, that should have been an omen already, when the charge pressure drops from 210 psi to just barely 40 psi in 4 years, there's something not right.

    I will give it to my mechanic sometime next month, have him pull it apart, and if he feels it's just not worth chasing down seals and other parts, I'll pay him for his labor costs and scrap it, I'll just have to rent a Cat hammer until Fall.
  5. YellowDogSVC

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    There has to be a better hammer design out there. I hear about a lot of them that fail and though I have a need for one, I have never taken the plunge.

    Sorry, I'm not much of a hugger unless it's hugging a lady..

    I had a crappy day too. Finally get back to work with new machine after 6 weeks of waiting. Work 3 hours yesterday (crew didn't have enough trees cut to grind all day) and get 1 hour today and rains come back. It hasn't rained more than 2 inches in 90 days, I was practically off work for 6 weeks, and it rains an hour into a 1-2k job. Top that off and my new machine is already throwing a code that I have no clue how to fix so I am not going to worry about it too much until I have to. And to top everything off, my friggin' FORD 6.0 with 50k miles wouldn't start, again, and I think it's the HPOP AND something with the EGR, AGAIN. I think the Good Lord has other plans for me and wants me to sell my business and do something else. Been a real test ever since I signed up to be a CAT man back in the Spring. I should have left well enough alone. Things were good back in the old days, albeit those were some dusty days!

    Must be a good day for a rant..
  6. Nel-Martin

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    from ON
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    that explains all if you got 4 1/2 years out of it already , when you gettin a new cat ??
  7. Gravel Rat

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    What about going with a Stanley Rock Breaker one that works for a rubber tired backhoe ?
  8. ksss

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    Why bother rebuilding the hammer. There is no support for it, junk it. I am sure it doesn't owe you anything now, but it sure will after the rebuild. The reason the BC hammer did not perform well is due to poor GPM perfornance from your machine. Those hammers need flow and your CAT does not make much of it.

    I have been running an Okada breaker for about 3-4 years now. I have no complaints. Much easier on the fittings than the BC/Stanley breaker and it hits hard.

    I have it from a very reliable source, He is not telling you to sell out. He is telling you, you should have bought a CASE.:clapping:
  9. YellowDogSVC

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    You might be onto something but I really like the Bobcat s330 that I had modified. I'll post some pics. I didn't think the CASE III had been out long enough. Power, gpm, etc., was good to go but after my experience with the 272c, I wanted to wait and see what a year of reviews would say about it.
    I feel my s330 is much more powerful than the 272c. So far, grinding is much better too, but I have only 5 hours so far. Time will tell. I only ended up with a 5k difference in price between the 330 and the 272c but I think I got more machine. It may not be as advanced as the CAT but the new interior guages are nice to look at and the A/C is ice cold so far. I still don't like the Bobcat seat but my windows don't rattle either! I had Bobcat take off the big tires and put 12x16.5's Galaxy Hulks and add a boom stop so it sits just like an s300. I could have replaced the bobtach but it was an extra $1200. If I can dig just fine with the boom stops, I'll just keep them.
    I had the machine weighed and with all options added and counterweights removed, I am at 8840 with a full tank of fuel and C/I 74" tooth bucket and lexan door.
    I got the ride control but now I wish I hadn't since nobody told me it was manual to turn it on and off. Have to open back door and flip a lever in a hard to reach spot for someone with a big hand.

    Anyway, it can make me some money if I can get back to a full day's work. Seems like everything has been stacked against me since Spring but I really do believe the Good Lord has a plan but I don't think he wants me to switch machines just yet but he might want me to drive a dodge! :)
  10. Gravel Rat

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    Bobcat Ron has been seen at Parker Pacific picking up literature on a new skid steer :p

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