Just ordered a 61" Cheetah-thoughts?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by wardlaw, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. wardlaw

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    Hey wilson, so there was a pretty noticeable difference in ride and comfort after adding the suspension seat? Would you say it rides better than the gravely now?
  2. SomervilleLawncare

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    Hey guys, I'm looking at the Cheetah as well. My dealer told me the 61" that he has comes with a 850 Kawasaki. Does anybody know what that is comparable to in Horsepower? Also was quoted $9950.00 plus tax for that mower. Was wondering how that compares to what some of you paid? Thanks!!
  3. mag360

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    850 Kawi is 31hp by the old rating and 27 by the new system. It has a little less power than the 32hp vangaurd but is still very capable and achieves decent fuel economy.
  4. WilsonBoud

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    Hi WL,

    When I demoed the Gravely 460 & The Cheetah one day apart, I felt that the 460 was one half step ahead of the Cheetah in the suspension department. Slightly better in suspension. BUT, in the mowing department at speed, I felt they were tip for tap. Neither mower left any stragglers in very tall grass (cutting at speed in my very rough yard).

    Having ordered the Scag optional seat on the 61" Cheetah, I felt that the ride (cutting 3.5 acres of tall grass) of the Cheetah was indeed much better than the Gravely 460. I was able to do it in 1 hour, 50 minutes.

    That's cutting some grass (no stragglers).

    That optional seat, plus the operator platform of the Cheetah, put the suspension performance way over the top of the Gravely. In my opinion.

    YES, it rides better than the Gravely 460, AND I saved some money.

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