Just Park A Truck In Front Of It ??????????

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by nylan8888, May 28, 2008.

  1. nylan8888

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    2 years ago, came in on a friday night about 10pm from a big job, burned and beat. Backed the trailer up to the garage door like I had done many times before, not inside just up against the door to keep anyone from dropping the gate. Figured I would unload and put away sat morning, my trailer won't go in the garage because of the pipe rack. Wife got up at 5:00 to get ready for work. I woke up about 5:30am and made the coffee took the wife a cup and she said she heard some bumping a little earlier and looked out in the back yard but didn't see anything, she was planning to go out front and look after she got dressed. I don't usualy get up early on sat. but my son had been begging to go fishing so I figured I would get everything unloaded and put away early so we could run out to the lake while the wife was working. I went and opened the garage door. My truck was at the end of the driveway and the trailer was gone. We are an irrigation conpany and had just finished up a huge job, the trailer was loaded with everything we use, about $40,000 worth of equipment, tools and parts. Called police and they came out to file report. After checking the truck, they explained the meth heads have learned to crawl under the truck with a pry bar and pry on the transmission linkage cable and pop it out of gear to roll the truck out of the way. They say it can be done in less then 2 minutes. We have had about a dozen companies here in oklahoma city cleaned out the same way. They ended up finding my trailer completely stripped, just the frame and wheels left. The thief who stole it has 22 previous felonies for theft and was out on bail awaiting trial when he stole mine. He was also on parole after just finishing 5 years in prison for the same thing. If they had just violated his parole he wouldn't have been on the street. He has just been sentenced to 15 years, eligible for parole in 7.

    We have built a shop and replaced most everything lost. Everything has locks, alarm and lojak. Insurance only paid about $15000 ( we hadn't increased our insurance since we started our company 3 years prior ). The biggest problem was the loss of income and customers while we were "rebuilding" ( we were down about a month ), and the loss of our sense of security. I have 5 families relying on me for their livelyhood. 2 years later I still wake up in the middle of the night and go out and check on my equipment, locks, alarm etc. My oldest son is 9 and he still asks me sometimes if the bad guys are going to come back and steal his toys or allowance. I haven't slept past 5:00am a single day since. When your sense of security, and family safety is gone, you can't get it back.


    And to you thieves, if you steal my TV, ok you got me, I'll be pissed off but I'll just buy another one. When you steal the tools I use to feed my children, if I catch you I won't hesitate to fire because in my opinion you are trying to kill my kids. FUKBNG BSDTDS!
  2. greenbaylawns

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    Freking no teeth crack smoking meth head! Sorry about your loss. Good luck on the rebuild
  3. fastcat

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    shoot now ask questions later.
  4. KrayzKajun

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    Shoot now! Shoot again! wait wht was i supposed to ask them?
  5. k911lowe

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    fire a warning shot into their bodies and then one in the air.i am a firm believer in dogs.the best security system money can buy.
  6. bill8379

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    Was there an alarm on the truck?
  7. LawnSharks

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    That sucks. A buddy of mine here in Charlotte had a similar experience but his was in broad daylight. These guys are becoming relentless in trying to wipe us out. I sure think twice about how and where we leave equipment now. We even have to lock up trimmers in high-end neighborhoods where we used to leave the keys in the truck and everything unlocked.
    Starting over really sucks! Good luck,
  8. nylan8888

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    Yea but the alarm was tied to the ignition. Didn't do me any good. I'm so tired of all the meth heads and crack heads it's not even funny anymore. You can't hardly find any descent workers because they are all on meth around here.
  9. nylan8888

    nylan8888 LawnSite Member
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    Oh and for the record. It was directly under a security light, I guess it made it easier for them to see what they were doing.

    I still have security lights up but now I have a $700.00 outdoor camera system wired to a DVR recorder. Any one comes or goes and I at least have them on video.
  10. bill8379

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    Oh great, this is the very first time I left mowers on my trailer.:confused: I have an immobilizer now on the truck so they can't start it up. I got a dog that barks and it's just 20 feet away from my bedroom window. I chained the mowers in place to the trailer and I tie knots in the chains. Even I was making a lot of noise doing the chains because I have a Galvanized steel trailer with 2 foot walls and the noise seemed to be amplified. But I'm still nervous.

    I need a good alarm as well as the immobilizer, an alarm that is motion sensitive.

    I actually hired a guy from Labour Ready and he was telling me the same thing about all the crack out there. I found it hard to believe actually, I've never even seen crack.

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