Just picked up 2011 exmark vantage


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Been researching standers all winter and decided on the vantage, 52 in deck 24 Kwai. Test drove v ride and vantage. Liked the vantage because it was more comfortable and smoother. Used it for 2.5 hours today really impressed so far handles ditches better than I thought, was skeptical that the machine would scalp since the deck has no gauge wheels but it did not. I will give a better review after I have used it for a couple of weeks. Seems like a pretty awesome machine.


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I finally got to test ride a Vantage at a dealer's open house last week. Comparing it to my Grandstand, it was more polished. The ebrake and deck lift on the Vantage were more user friendly. The controls were a bit smoother. Nice machine overall.
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i just got mine as well....same size same motor....love it so far!


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I got my vantage last year it has 150 hrs on it. I love this thing. Its easy to use and clings to hills like no sit on mower can. Theres only on HUGE problem with it that exmark is not fessing up to. The bushing or lets say lack of using on the last side has slop in it. Its located on the left rear of the deck. It is only intended for the deck to move up and down. Well mine moves forward and backwards as well. No big deal on any other mower. The way the vantage is designed it must have no movement in the deck forward or backward or it will move the hydro pump valve and constantly alter the pressure. It will not track straight on bumpy yards and has next to no power on the left side in reverse. The easiest way to tell is with the mower off move the left hand control forward and then backwards. If your deck moves then you have the same problem. I took mine in last year and they said they fixed it. 10 hours later back to the way it is. Im extremely frustrated!!!! Some one in r&d section at exmark over looked this problem, and so far exmark will do nothing to help me. I know I am not the only one with this problem. There is another lawn company with the same problem and i got a demo with 40 hrs on it and its doing the something. It also had a leaking gas tank at the cap the whole was warped and it leaked oil around where you drain the oil. That has all been fixed except for tracking problem. Its impossible to stripe a long when your pressure is always jumping around. Please let me know if anyone else is suffering from this problem. Strength in numbers. I really hope exmark figures out a solution soon. but first they nerd to admit there is s problem. thanks guys and girls