Just picked up my new Bob-cat Predator Pro with the Boss Vac. Here's what I think.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnMower, May 2, 2007.

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    He just wants pricing so he can compare to his own prices! He is a bobcat dealer.
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    Corrupticut was a great state?

    whoever it was lied like hell.
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    You are both correct, take your pick of the prizes!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Sales kinda slow for you Chad that you have to cut down other for buying at dealers a 1000 miles away? :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    I would blame it more on Generac than the public. We are a Bobcat dealer. Got setup with Generac as soon as they started putting them on the mowers just in case we needed parts. Got a letter 2 years later saying that we should get setup if we arent...yadda yadda. So we call them and find out if we need to do anything or if we are setup just fine. My dad talked to 5 people before giving up. I talked to 7 before I found one that had any clue about what I was talking about. So we got that taken care of for the time being. Most of the Generacs we did see were on older generators(the line that was bought by briggs). So parts for the generator end was easy since that was briggs parts. Parts for the Generac are not. If Generac wants to be a player then need decent parts lookup and people that know what they are talking about to answer the phones. As of today any Generac engine problem that comes in gets sent away.

    They may be great engines, but when I need parts for kaw, briggs, Kohler, honda, robin, or tecumseh I can look them up easily and order them quickly. Generac is a joke in that department.

    Kaw does have a DFI version of that 37hp out now. Luckily we really dont have the need for the high HP around here. Most are content with 23-25HP on 61" machines.

    Also in your comparison of engines like the 30HP kohler vs the 33HP Generac....what is the displacement of each? Not really a good comparison if the Generac has 200-300cc advantage
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    Chad has the capital that puts him in a position to walk in and pay cash for a dealers inventory that is closing the doors. He hauls in tractor trailer loads of mowers purchased from dealers gone bankrupt, or from their dealership being removed because of poor sales. He probably buys the mowers for $.70 or less on the dollar, turns around and beats everyone prices, helps the customer and is still able to generate a good profit.

    This is where having money, makes more money, not many dealers in the country have that type clout. The ones that do are able to take advantage of the same situation Chad does. I was not told this by Chad; but by a big rep in NC for other mower lines Chad does not sell, lines they have begged him for years to handle; but he will not.
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    This statement is correct for anyone that wants to remain in business, Bobcat tells me they have no problem with parts from Generac, and it is always a possibility larger dealer have less problems than smaller dealers.

    You were confused on the comparison of a 30 hp Kohler and 33 hp Generac in my post, I was not speaking about power comparison, this is where the larger displacement plays its role. I spoke of fuel consumption, making the comparison of people believing lower hp engines always give better fuel economy, and this is not the case in all situations. A larger displacement engine may get better fuel economy from working easier in heavy cutting conditions; than a lower hp engine that uses the governor constantly.

    Yes, the 37 dfi Kawasaki will definitely be an improvement over their carburetor version; but digital fuel injection (which is open loop), is not nearly as efficient as a closed loop, electronic fuel injection. The 29 dfi Kawasaki was nothing special, reasonable fuel economy, with lacking power. The 28 efi Kohler has what is considered more usable power with quicker response and much better fuel economy, which if you put on identical mowers; the 28 efi and the 29 dfi, you would find the 28 to be more powerful.

    I think you already know this if you have ever dealt with both engines, what say you this?

    What makes it so different in your area that a 61" deck does not really suck the power away from a 25 hp engine?
  10. pugs

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    I really dont know but you just dont see these huge engines on everything here. Lots of people run 17HP on 52" Wright Standers. I wont sell one with that unless they want to special order it. We stock the 23HP...next step down is 19...otherwise I would probably just have 21's if they offered it. I just dont get people coming in asking about these ~30hp+ monsters.

    Not sure on the fuel economy of the new 37 DFI Kaw. They are going to a new system...its really more of a TBI system with very low fuel pressure. I guess Robin is using almost the same system on their 28 EFI. Some system made by Mikuni I believe. The ECU, Injectors and throttle body is all one assembly.

    Yah the closed loop Kohler system should be more efficient and probably getting even better as I guess they are going to a 4 wire O2 sensor.

    I didnt realize you were only comparing fuel consumption. I will agree there. My dad owned many Chevy C30 pickups. Started with 283's and his last one had a 454. He said he got the same mileage with all of them(construction work hauling tools/equipment trailer to and from chicago)...the only difference was when you stepped on the 454 it went. So yes a large engine can get the same economy pulling the same load as a small engine with power in reserve basically is what I am saying.

    Bobcat may not have issues, but we dont buy Generac parts from Bobcat. Generac parts go through a Generac distributor(now, before it was direct with generac). I have no problem getting Bobcat parts.

    I have yet to see a machine with one of their big V-twins on it other than at a distributor open house type of event for dealers. I talked to a guy from the biggest dealer in our area at an update school one time....he said they sold 2 of them with Generacs and had nothing but problems with them. Think they ended up replacing the engines or maybe converting them to Kawasakis and I guess they are now opposed to selling any with Generacs as well. And I am sure this dealer would give yours a run for their money ;)

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