Just put down my first app. How did I do?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by BostonBull, Sep 8, 2007.

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    It won't do any good to promote new growth this late in the season. Mulch the root ball, let it go dormant, and see what happens in the spring.
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    Unleached ashes are higher in K then leached. The problem is that ashes can change the pH of your soil to more alkaline. It's like adding lime. See the first chart here for K. You can use greensand or seaweed or kelp for high K.

    I agree with Krill. Make sure the tree is properly watered and mulched. Leaves are expendable to trees in times of stress. Once they are dried and brown they won't turn green again. I suspect the change to the sunnier conditions has caused leaf scorch. Kinda like sunburn on people. Maybe these will help.

  3. BostonBull

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    The tree will still circulate nutrients up from the roots, but then it has no suply for the winter and may die then.

    The leaves are unable to absorb water, bte can only release water vapor through the Stomata (pores). So spraying the leaves is futile.

    Take some zoomed out pics and lets see the whole tree.
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    Thanks for all the input. The leaves are certainly done now so it is mulched and watered and ready for winter.
    My thinking was to have the last bit of active growth supportting new root development, but now I wonder should I have transplanted later? It was a big project to do by hand and from shade to sun it is difficult to expect much.

    Do trees store up enough food to grow roots after leaf fall and still have reserves for spring?
    Thanks for the websites, it is clear I should brush up on some botany :)
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    Don't worry about it, you will find out in the spring.
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    To much spring N , bad move!
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