Just quoted a lady 100 for a 2 acre yard, got the job then lost it in 5 minutes.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Apr 15, 2005.

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    I went and looked at a 4 acre yard this week, not once, but twice to make sure I figured it right. Lady wanted 2 acres around house cut 3 times a month and the other 2 acres once a month. I just called her and told her the 2 acres around the house to weedeat and keep limbs and cones picked up was 100 (was going to go with 125 but really cut this one close).Told her the other 2 acres would be the same price even once a month even though I did not like doing them once a month. Told me to start on the 2 around the house then called right back and said "got to thinking that was 300 a month for just around the house and would have to think about, was a lot more than she was paying before". Ive said it before and Ill say it again, I will take the small, 25 dollar, 25 minute yards ANY day over these monster yards, much more profit.I also reminded her that the other guy has not shown up either. This was in a very high end area too. Folks, dont know how to go any cheaper than *&^ free! This yard would probably take about 2 hours to mow and 2 to weedeat and pick up limbs. I figured I might could get it down to 3 after I did it a few times. Well, I tried, I really wanted this one. This is also a retired Doctor. :realmad:
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    sweetie pie, your way to high
    2 acres we charge $65, 4 acres charge $125

    plus, i have the following mowers..........
    2 ~~ gravely pm 260z, 60" cut diesels, purchased last year
    1 ~~ gravely pm 260z, 60" cut, gas, purchased 2 wks ago

    paid cash for everything.............

    i have 77 lawn sites now, and i'm making great money...............

    payup payup payup payup payup payup payup payup payup
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    Hardworking, I have a friend that owns a bigger LLC and some of the stories he tells me are nuts. I was just venting to him yesterday about lack of clients and he told me he just bit an older lady's head off haggling over price. I guess it was a, like your customer, a retired doctor, and it was a very upscale home w/a yard that was about 2 acres and his price was i think he said 145.00 per week and she tried to haggle and said thats way too much yadayada. So its everywhere.
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    H/P. Ive been reading about all your season struggles. Stay with it, dont give up. I am also having a hard time this season getting new accounts, I feel you pain. I know your a good guy, stay with it!
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    $32.50 per acre? YOU ARE A JOKE
  6. rodfather

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    You're making great money at those prices...I feel for ya there son :dizzy:
  7. rodfather

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    Than again you could be Fareway's next door neighbor.
  8. blair smock

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    more and more running into the same thing, Blair
  9. bobbygedd

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    rod he's a little boy, probly living with his mommy, who , on more than one occasion, has bragged about buying his mowers "cash". there is no way in hell anybody charging $32.50 an acre is making "great" money. when he has kids, a mortgage, health ins payments etc, those mowers will be on sale for half what he paid for them
  10. proenterprises

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    I agree. I dont see how anyone with those prices can be making much of anything.

    Is that you Calvin?

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