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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Expert Lawns, Jul 26, 2002.

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    hey everyone, i just got registered after surfing through this site. it is amazing how much info everyone can share when we all work together.

    i've been having a problem getting a smooth, even cut from my exmark 48'' rider. there is either a tiny strip about one inch thick that just doesn't get cut. i keep my blades sharp and tire pressure even. it sometimes happens in two spots. i think it might have something to do with the bolt(s) under the deck that hold the blades on (sorry for the laymans terms but i'm not really mechanically inclined) am i right? could those be the one inch strips that aren't being cut?

    this site is the best thing i've found on the net so far, whoever started this is now my best friend.
  2. 65hoss

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    Post this over in the eXmark forum and see if the eXmark guru's can help you.
  3. 1MajorTom

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    Welcome Expert Lawns. :)

    We felt the same when we found this place too.
    The administrator of this site is Chuck. He is the one who started it. :)

    Have fun, you could sit here and read for days. Almost every imaginable topic has been discussed here before.
  4. Firefighter Dave

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    Welcome Expert Lawns.....

    Where in Michigan are you?

    I am in the Clarkston area....


    HOWARD JONES LawnSite Member
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    Welcome to the site - I agree you can get help from Exmark, but for now, do search using "mystery" - there are some good discussions about this common problem, especially note the comments on deck pitch - if deck is too low in front, the blades are at an angle and leave grass higher between the blades. Many other factors, of course, like clogged deck or poor choice of blades, mowing too high, etc that would affect the air flow.
  6. Jimbo

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    If by deck bolt you mean the spindle bolts which hold the blades on I do not think they would cause the problem you mention.
    The blade tips cut the grass many inches before the bolts get near the uncut grass. You must remember that the blades are rotating and the bolt is in the center of that rotation.

    Even if the bolt reached to the ground it should not affect the cut because the cut is done in front of the bolt (and behind) and on all sides for that matter.

    Did you check if the blades are the correct length? Is one too short and you dont have proper overlap?

  7. robert payer

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    Welcome Expert Lawns,

    Sounds as if it might be blade problems. Are all three blades produced by the same manufacturer? Often blades can be of different thickness, or might have different lift. Perhaps the two outer cutting edges are worn and no longer have a straight edge. Cutting edge can be beveled out ward due to the fact that the outer half inch of each side of a blade does most cutting resulting in greater wear in this area. If this is the case, entire area of blade that looks unused must be cut down in order to have an entire new straight cutting edge. When end tips are worn out neighboring blades are leaving to big of a gap for uncut grass to slip through.
    Just a possiblity has been listed above.

    Was taught when diagnosing mower problems always reduce problem first to the simple and obvious. Do not head into it with a preconceived idea of what the problem is. Always start to diagnosis at square one. Generally might save a lot of invested time.

    Happy to welcome another professional, Expert Lawn!

    LawnSite, Helping us all to the top of our craft!
  8. Pro-Cut Lawns

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    Welcome Expert Lawn

    Had the same problem with my 48" Lazer. Had dealer to level deck and it didnt improve much. Constantly check tire air pressure and run sharp blades. A couple of days ago I had a deck bearing go out (Ouside on the shoot side). Since the new bearing has been installed, it not longer leaves the uncut area and cuts fantastic. Im thinking there has been some play in the bearing for some time and I just didnt notice it until the bearing actually gave way and made a racket. Don't know about your case, but I really think this was my problem because it was a drastic improvement.
  9. Expert Lawns

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    wow you guys sure know your stuff. thanks everyone for the input. i just learned more in 10 minutes by reading these threads than i have in the 2 years being in the business. you all made good points, some that i overlooked. i'm still new to the business end of it, so i'm sure i'll have lots of questions for you.

    jimbo, you made the most obvious point that i overlooked. the one about the blade cutting the grass before it hits the bolt.

    firefighter dave, i'm from the flint area but i have family in white lake and clarkston. no accounts down there but it would sure be nice

    1major tom, i know what you mean about sitting here for days at a time. i'm addicted to this site now. sucks for my girlfriend. haha no more time for her
  10. Runner

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    Cool! I'm from the Flint area, too! There are a few of us on here, now, and I keep spreading the word as much as I can. (Well, to those I feel it would help, anyway.)
    Where abouts are you from? I'm in the Mt. Morris/Flushing area. I'd be happy to help you out in anyway possible, (20 years experience) and I think I MAY be able to help diagnose your streaking problem if I could see it cut. Mine did the same thing before, and we couldn't figure it out for the longest time for the life of us. (Dealer included) An Exmark rep even came up and saw what it was doing. We finally figured it all out, and have the blade thing down to almost a science. What did Atherton Road say about it, - have you talked to them about it, yet? Anyway, if there is anything we can be of assistance with, let us know. Maybe we can meet up for breakfast or lunch sometime. Alot of us around here do that.

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