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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Apr 12, 2002.


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    I've run into a problem, if you want to call it a problem, this spring. I'm a solo lco and have all the accounts I need or want. Problem is the neighbors see me out working and want me to price their yard. Most of these yards are cupcake accounts and I'm pricing them very high. People aren't flinching at the prices. More like, "when can you start". I don't have it in me to turn them down because I'm already in the hood and the mowing is easy. I guess I need to learn how to say no. I don't want to expand, been there, done that. I guess I'll just have to grunt it out this season and then drop the undesirable accounts next spring. Anyone else running into this "problem" this year????

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    Sounds like a real problem, lol. TOO MANY clients, i wish i was in your shoes, but it really isn't a bad thing and is good when you have so much bus. that you only keep the good one, just remember that if you have to much drop them sooner than later, your quality might go down, good luck. Really h\appy to hear that some people do not have to worry about clients. But if any thing is true this is the best prob. you can have, keep on keepin on'
    AK Lawn
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    I have basically the same thing. I just price the new ones for more then raise prices on the lower ones to match. I will lose a couple of the lower priced ones but more than make up for it with the new ones at a higher price. Good luck!
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    why wait till the end of the season to weed out the bad ones? take on lawns you want to maintain, and drop the customers you dont like.
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    Your obviously doing something right!

    mbd and CLM have valid points.
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    This is nothing new for me. Been "full" for the last 20years. Sometimes "fuller" than I want to be, sometimes just right. When I was still in H.S. I actually had a waiting list!

    To get rid of the "undesireables" I just mail them a letter in Feb explaining that thier price will raise to $XX.xx (a lot more $) a cut due to increased business expenses. If they take it, its well worth it for that PITA lawn! If they say "NO WAY", then that leaves this slot open for a new cupcake lawn. It all works out in the end.
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    A successful contractor told me once... "If you've got more work than you can handle, you're not charging enough!"

    Raise your prices to a satisfactory level. Just make sure you maintain the quality that they originally singled you out for - nothing worse than having a customer leave you because of unmet expectations due to failure to perform.
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    Hmmm what part of NC are you in ? Throw em my way if your near Charlotte lol.
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    Sounds like your doing good work if you have to fight em off with a stick, if you bid a lawn and it's not up to par, just bid HIGH, and if you don't get it, no sweat, if ya do, great. You CAN'T lose!

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    i try to avoid mowing my neighbors.they always expected special treatment. an example,SO U GONNA MOW THOSE FOLKS ON THE LIST BEFORE MY LAWN. DONT OUR BEING NEIGHBORS, COUNT FOR SOMETHING.NOT

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